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Cloud Solution Services - Strategy, Implementation, Integration & Compliance

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Cloud consulting to keep your technology resources integrated and aligned with the financials that drive your growth and efficiency.
Our expert team of CPAs, certified implementers, developers, former CFOs and controllers can provide you direction on cloud strategy, integration, implementation, and regulatory compliance.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives, with must-have applications like iTunes for entertainment, Google for document management and ADP for payroll.  For the finance department, cloud accounting software provides numerous tools to streamline accounting functions, including the general ledger (GL), multi-currency transactions, budgeting and forecasting, and equity administration. Cloud solutions offer the flexibility to be customized to work the way you do, and the capability to integrate with nearly any software package.

Shrinking technology budgets mean that businesses look to the cloud for agile IT solutions without prohibitive upfront costs. They can be especially effective for fast-growing companies that want to keep their employees engaged with the latest technology tools and anytime/anywhere access to their business-critical applications. And because cloud solutions are continuously and seamlessly updated, you always have the latest technology and feature set.

Our cloud solutions include:

Accounting/ERP:  Enterprise resource management (ERP) software is the cornerstone of any growing organization's suite of cloud accounting tools. Our cloud ERP solutions enable you to track accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing and other crucial information in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Financial Planning: Our certified Adaptive Insights development and implementation team is the largest in the nation and includes experienced CPAs and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds. These experts can help you streamline your finance functions, so you can spend more time strategically supporting business objectives.

Business Intelligence: Used wisely, business intelligence (BI) tools can give you a huge competitive advantage. Customization is the key to getting maximum value from your BI software, and Armanino has the deep, industry-specific experience and technical expertise to help you select the best cloud BI tools, tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and implement it, quickly and cost-effectively.

CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides the critical link between your customers and your sales, marketing and customer service teams. Whether you’re looking at a new implementation or considering replacing an existing system, our veteran team can help you select and implement a cloud CRM solution that’s customized to the needs of your industry and your company.

Revenue Recognition: Armanino’s experience with more than 1,500 successful business application evaluations and implementations sets us apart from other accounting firms. Our revenue accounting experts will conduct a strategic evaluation of your existing systems and team, and your specific requirements for compliance with the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 guidelines. Then we help you select and put in place the proper solution to manage revenue recognition and support your future growth.

Stock-Based Accounting: Deploying the scalable Certent Equity Management software platform, our experts help you decrease the number of hours your team devotes to spreadsheet tracking and accounting of stock options, saving you time and greatly reducing your errors from manual re-entry.

Cloud Implementation

Armanino has implemented hundreds of cloud ERP, cloud CRM and cloud accounting software systems, with a proven track record of success. We take the guesswork and risk out of systems implementation, because whether your project is simple or complex, for a single business entity or multiple entities, local or global, we have the industry and finance experts to help you succeed.  

Let our team bring tangible value with our real-world approach to determining your current needs, as well as our expertise in building scalable solutions that foster and enable future growth. Our experts provide sound guidance with cloud strategy to identify areas where business processes can be improved for cost savings or better decision making. With an understanding of your infrastructure and the costs/benefits of these systems, we work with your IT team to evaluate which applications can be consolidated and how to best leverage your current software and hardware investments.

Our portfolio of cloud integration and implementation services includes start-to-finish solution planning. We work with your team to define the requirements and establish what is needed to optimize your specific business processes. Within the planning process, we determine financial management policies and procedures.

When it comes to cloud solutions, our experts enable you with software configuration, data migration, user training, system integration and software customization to fit your needs. Additionally, we drive new application development and application outsourcing for your organization.

Finally, our team is highly experienced with understanding IT security and controls, establishing business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and ensuring regulatory compliance (SOX, PCI and more).


With a proven approach, we optimize your ROI and mitigate the reasons why other solution providers underperform. Armanino’s Rapid Implementation Methodology includes both the business and technology stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer crucial to enabling user adoption, more self-sufficient solution operation, and fulfillment of the project business objectives.

Companies who select our Rapid Implementation Methodology regularly experience faster software deployments resulting in:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced regulatory compliance risk
  • Self-sufficient software operation
  • Decreased project delivery risk
  • Greater user adoption
  • Quicker time to ROI


Integrating your cloud accounting systems can greatly reduce a company’s operating costs and ensure management visibility.  Armanino’s Rapid Implementation Methodology involves a comprehensive diagnostics phase that helps your company preserve and optimize your best-of-breed software solutions. We identify systems that can be integrated, implemented, improved, or eliminated to increase efficiency across the organization.


Our implementation best practice tools include end-to-end models that define industry-specific ERP business processes. Developed through years of industry experience, these models are leveraged throughout our engagements to determine system flow and user roles and responsibilities. From there, our team works with you to identify processes unique to your business and create a system that provides the best value.


A key success factor for any major work effort is leading change. Armanino’s Rapid Implementation Methodology incorporates quality planning, management and testing to ensure our cloud solutions meet your specific requirements and business objectives.

Our team is well-suited to driving your cloud solutions project with effective project leadership and proven management practices. As CPAs and former CFOs themselves, our experts understand the importance of successful communication, top-notch training and user engagement tools to enable your team. Our methodology includes quality management reviews to maintain quality assurance throughout your cloud accounting solutions implementation and beyond.

Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy

Your company is in the Cloud.  Now what?

Every organization has unique business requirements, so there is no one size fits all approach to the cloud. Best-of-breed Cloud solutions allow you to tailor your solutions to meet your specific business needs.  Your line of business leaders have probably already purchased and implemented solutions designed to meet their specific needs.  Armanino’s Cloud Strategy team can help you realize total cost of ownership (TCO) savings by:

  • Identifying vendors that are suited to your industry and business process
  • Prioritizing projects and implementations to align with your goals and pain-points
  • Scheduling incremental implementations allow for continuous feedback and less business disruption

Regardless of your path to the Cloud, there are key considerations every company needs to address, which are shown below. Now is the time to create a sustainable road map of Cloud solutions and harness the efficiencies that can be achieved. Armanino is the experienced partner you need to make good on the promise of the Cloud.

Implementing Best Practice Business Processes

Moving to the Cloud means more than automation – it offers you the chance to rethink business processes to ensure adherence to best practices, compliance, and scalability.  Deploy a comprehensive business process roadmap before implementing new Cloud software to ensure systems and processes are aligned.

Business Process Alignment

In the pre-Cloud, on-premise software world, the IT department was the gatekeeper of the technology roadmap.  Financial systems and needs were often at the mercy of IT infrastructure and other priorities. The Cloud Accounting and Financial solution revolution enables the CFO to take control of the finance organization’s technology roadmap. When Cloud solutions are orchestrated to work together to support your business needs, your organization will achieve continuous and incremental improvement.

Data Integration

Cloud solutions have an advantage over on-premise software because they are architected with open API’s to support integration.  Additionally, having rich, configurable, pre-built integrations between systems allows for much quicker, durable and robust implementations. Leveraging Armanino’s years of cloud financial integration experience and intellectual property provides you with a “quick start” to a world class, integrated and comprehensive Cloud approach to your critical business processes. Armanino has a wide array of pre-built Integration solutions available on its Cloud Marketplace.

Universal User Access

Unifying your Cloud solutions will ensure that users have access to the information they need, when they need it. For instance, it doesn’t have to be harder to book a flight for work than it is to book for pleasure. Cloud solutions have an inherent advantage in providing universal access because their modern software architectures are built to separate business logic from user interface, enabling access to the solution on virtually any device, anywhere. Leading companies are leveraging integrated Cloud solutions to empower their users with world-class tools and easy access to information.

User Management

Having a coherent and unified way to manage users, their roles, rights and permissions across multiple Cloud systems is essential.  Leading companies are focused on providing unified single sign-on to their users because of the positive impact it has on user experience and adoption. Additionally, having an overarching strategy for onboarding new employees and managing the comprehensive removal from all systems of employees who’ve left the organization. Make sure you include user management in your overall Cloud solutions game plan.

Now is the time to create a sustainable road map of Cloud solutions and harness the efficiencies that can be achieved. Armanino is the experienced partner you need to make good on the promise of the Cloud.

CFOs Control the Cloud Strategy

Cloud solutions allow CFOs to replace the leadership role of the IT department and move quickly, and cost effectively, to prioritize the needs of your changing business. Modern Cloud architecture enables CFOs to implement integrated, best-of-breed solutions in a way not previously possible. To take advantage of your new role as “conductor” of your organization’s Cloud environment, you need a partner to help navigate the opportunities and challenges.

Turn to Armanino as your strategic advisor for all your Cloud technology challenges and goals.  With more than 350 successful Cloud financial solution implementation, customization and integrations under our belt, we have the scale and expertise to help you make the most of your investments.

Cloud Integration

The Cloud has changed who can purchase technology since line-of-business leaders now have access to new applications in a matter of minutes. The result? Silos of cloud applications. Armanino brings greater ROI to your organization by combining these cloud islands into an integrated, responsive and agile technology nerve center for the business. Armanino’s cloud integration solutions and expertise will ensure that your cloud systems are integrated in a way that is optimized to meet your business goals.

The first cloud solutions usually implemented to solve immediate pain points are expense management, CRM and procurement Software as a Service. Next, departments seek point solutions to improve productivity: marketing automation, FP&A automation, and project collaboration.

Cloud solutions have an advantage over on-premise software because they are architected with open API’s to support integration. But look beyond data integration – your Cloud integrations need to support the entire business process.  Having rich, configurable, pre-built integrations, like Armanino’s Integration Packs, between systems allow for much quicker, durable and robust implementations. For example, integrating core financials to your FP&A system requires the following considerations:

  • What dimensions/attributes are you using in your core financial systems? 
  • At what level of detail do you want to conduct your budgeting and planning? 
  • How is your planning done? 
  • How many planning models do you use and how do they relate to each other? 
  • How do you want to map your financial data to your planning and budgeting model? 
  • How should budgets and plans be reflected in your core financial systems for closed-loop planning? 
  • What is your budgeting and planning frequency?

Each system integration (CRM to ERP, procurement to core financials, sales commissions to CRM) has similar questions to be addressed as above.

Armanino is a long-term business partner who will ask and offer industry best practice advice for resolving the questions listed above.  We integrate Cloud solutions to solve your specific business challenges and ensure your new Cloud solution is optimized. Leveraging Armanino’s years of cloud financial integration experience and intellectual property provides you with a “quick start” to a world class, integrated and comprehensive Cloud approach to your critical business processes.

Cloud Compliance

Every day, organizations are recognizing and adopting the cloud for its elastic, affordable, and mobile capabilities. As leaders think of their new, cutting edge IT infrastructure in the cloud, they also need to consider their internal control environment (including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance) and how it is impacted by moving to the cloud.  For fast growing, Pre-IPO companies, ensuring internal controls related to financial reporting comply with all aspects of the SOX Act is critical. There is increasing evidence that the state of a company’s internal control environment is something that the investment community is watching more closely.

The process of migrating to the cloud is one that takes a lot of the same steps as ensuring your internal controls are SOX compliant. If SOX compliance is kept in mind during a cloud application implementation, you can save yourself tremendous time and money by not repeating or re-doing overlapping activities.

Armanino has developed a comprehensive yet cost-effective approach to ensuring that your internal controls related to financial reporting comply with aspects of the SOX Act. Experience has taught us that unfocused interpretation and broad application of SOX is costly, arduous and frustrating to management, shareholders and regulators. Too many companies unilaterally document and test all controls though this is not usually necessary.

Armanino's approach is different. We don't waste your time and resources on unnecessary tasks. Instead, we tackle SOX with a risk-based approach focusing of a set of key controls that is both sufficient and consistent with the original intent of SOX.

Further, we employ a unique multidisciplinary approach to help you address all of the crucial factors intrinsic to the success of your internal control infrastructure, including process, technology and personnel elements. Our team has the dexterity to help you streamline compliance without diminishing control integrity.

With over 200+ successful projects and 12 years of experience under our belt, we can save you time and money by quickly and correctly being able to identify your needs and applying our industry expertise and methodology to your organization.


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