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Business Management

Armanino’s Business Management group allows very successful people to live the life they choose, by offering distinctly curated, first-class service, sound financial planning and meaningful advice. 

Our Approach

Our Business Management professionals serve as the personal CFOs to high-net-worth individuals and their families. We work cooperatively with a range of service providers, and we assist our clients with the long-term preservation and growth of their net worth by supervising and managing their day-to-day financial affairs and business concerns.


Business Management Services

Business Management Services

Armanino’s Business Management team serves studio executives, writers, producers, directors, actors, musicians, athletes, high net worth individuals and others who have a desire to focus on their own profession and insist that their business matters receive the same level of attention and expertise.


Family Office Services

Family Office Services

You and your family have accumulated significant wealth, but you’re wondering how you’ll be able to manage the resources and complexities involved in maintaining that wealth. Setting up a family office could be the answer.


Client Portal

If you’re a current Business Management client, use one of the following links to access our client portal:




Pro Athlete Turns to Armanino for Business Management

Armanino reduced spending and adjusted their portfolio to protect their assets and maintain their desired lifestyle.

FASB Proposes Changes to Accounting for TV Production Costs

The proposal aligns the accounting for the production costs of TV shows with that for the costs of movies, in response to changing industry distribution methods.

Family Office Services—Not Just for the Ultra-Wealthy

Until recently, only families with assets of $100 Million or more were able to have family offices. Now families with assets significantly under that amount can access these services.

The Business of Business Management

Here is the story of how I entered the world of business management and came to be the well-regarded and respected business manager I am today.

Tax Issues Surrounding Foreign Entertainers Performing Services in the U.S.

This article focuses on non-resident entertainers coming to the U.S. to work on short-term projects and not on non-residents who intend to live in the U.S. for extended periods of time.

Trust: The Single Most Important Attribute of a Business Manager

The business managers’ job is to oversee all of a client’s personal and business related financial matters. There can be no greater attribute than the simple, yet complex, element of trust.