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Educational institutions face many financial, academic, strategic and technological hurdles. Armanino works with over 120 private K-12 schools, colleges and universities. We combine this depth of expertise with data-driven analytics, KPIs and the right software solutions to help our private school clients meet today’s challenges and better prepare for the future.

Our Approach

Today’s leading schools, colleges and universities need a financial partner that not only addresses your audit and tax compliance issues, but your underlying business challenges.

Armanino is different from other accounting firms. Not only do we provide the best service at competitive rates, but we also add value to your institution by providing benchmarking analyses that allow you to see how your organization stacks up against the best run private schools and universities in the country. This analysis, coupled with our decades of experience, provides some unique and helpful financial metric analytics.

We also understand the pain points school, college and university CFOs face every day including resource constraints, financial planning, data consolidation and rolling forecasting. We are here to assist finance teams struggling to maintain multiple Excel budgets across departments.

What We Do




Armanino’s audit team doesn’t just deliver audited financial statements to K-12 schools or higher education institutions. Instead, we provide the insight behind the metrics—assessing opportunities, weighing risks and exploring the practical implications to both your short- and long-term priorities.



Armanino has the resources and expertise to meet your needs, no matter how complicated or demanding including unrelated business income, HOS comp, sales & use tax, Form 990 preparation and more. Our experts address key concerns and identify strategic tax-planning opportunities throughout the year—not just during tax season.




Armanino provides a full range of specialized services to meet the operational, financial and strategic needs of private schools and higher education institutions. Our team can provide bookkeepers to take care of all of your accounting, or we can do project work as needed. We can also help automate your budgeting and forecasting through our Adaptive Insights software solution.


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