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At Armanino, we know you don’t check-out of life when you check-in at work. That’s why we’ve created a unique work environment where your passions, work, and family & friends can overlap. We want to help you achieve growth by giving you access to a network of smart and supportive people, willing to listen to your ideas.

Here, you can combine your career with your passions by maintaining a flexible career path and more importantly, make your family, friends and passions as much of a priority as your work.

We want you to integrate all aspects of your life with your career.


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We’re proud to be Among the top 25 Largest Firms in the Nation AND one of the Best Places to Work. We have a community of resources that are ready and willing to support your ideas, build your skills and expand your professional network. We value individuality and those willing to take advantage of leadership opportunities that become available. We want to ensure your passions are integrated into your career.

Some of our characteristics include:


We are tireless over-achievers. We embrace the rigors of problem solving; we are funny that way. We are smart and intuitive and always curious. We are of the kind who peer under rocks - the kind who are fascinated by what we find there. We are enthusiastic advocates of ambition and passionate about helping others realize their personal and professional aspirations. We are invested in those who help us achieve our goals and strive to be demonstrative of our appreciation.


We are consummate professionals who strive to exceed expectations - occasionally even exceeding our own. We value leadership and innovation. We encourage individuals to grow and succeed in their respective areas of interest. We are invested in each other as a community, supporting one another professionally and personally. We strive to help employees find their best possible niches within our company. We provide the best possible experience for our clients. We draw from the entirety of our resources to benefit each client.

We provide a one-stop service for all of our clients' financial needs.


We are a community of people with diverse interests. Among us are marathoners, wine makers, weekend warriors, musicians, pet devotees, philanthropists, conservationists and humanitarians. Together we are Armanino and, quite possibly, so are you.

Our professionals will tell you that one of the things they love most about Armanino is that they never feel lost in a crowd. Our culture thrives when our people take an active role in developing their own career path and generating new ideas.

We appreciate the value you bring as an individual, so we offer plenty of opportunities for you to become involved socially. We understand the importance of building strong bonds with your coworkers outside the scope of your day-to-day work and we want to give you plenty of opportunities to do so. Besides, while we will always work hard to deliver the best service to our clients, we refuse to not allow ourselves to take time to have some fun too.

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Career Path

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A career at Armanino affords you the privilege of contributing to solutions for the challenging problems businesses face - not once in a while, but every day. The defining difference between working in industry rather than in public accounting is how often you get to test your mettle confronting challenges. Here, you will face them with a frequency and intensity not found anywhere else. We will equip you to provide businesses with complete, factual, and independent views of their situation and options. You will quickly become accustomed to the leadership perspective.

The reasons for starting your career at Armanino have much to do with where you want to end up. At Armanino, you determine your career path. This means it's possible to pursue challenges you are passionate about, in industries you care about. We encourage you to blaze new trails by taking advantage of the entrepreneurial nature of the firm. If you can make a solid case for your ideas, we'll be happy to implement them.

No matter which career path you choose, we want you to gain new skills, expertise and relationships that will benefit you throughout your lifetime—now and in the future. Whether you enjoy working with numbers, interacting with clients or a combination of both, we provide the opportunities for you to thrive.

Coming out of College

Your first step within a public accounting career can be a big one and it often starts while still in school. Our college recruiting program is design to provide you with insights and opportunities as early as your sophomore year. From our summer leadership conference, to our internships and finally our full-time staff opportunities, you will have the chance to start building your career well before you graduate.


Find more than a job at Armanino, find your next career. Browse our current openings for accounting and consulting jobs by clicking the button below to find one based on your skills and interests.

Armanino LLP does not accept unsolicited resumes from agencies, and will only accept resumes from agencies with whom we have a signed written agreement. Armanino LLP does not accept either solicited or unsolicited resumes from agencies for openings in our Audit department, even if there is a signed written agreement with such agencies.

Please beware of common job scams. Armanino LLP does not conduct online interviews using Google Hangouts or other online sources. Armanino LLP does not issue checks to (or request funds from) applicants. Remember to protect your personal information. Find more tips on how to avoid these scams.





Community Service Opportunities

Community Service Opportunities

We’re passionate about giving back to our local communities, as individuals and as a firm. Our Helping Hand provides employees with ongoing opportunities to help worthy causes. 

  • The Great Give - Every year, we close all of our offices to deliver a day of hands-on volunteer service to community-based organizations and nonprofits (#AHHGreatGive). The Great Give is part of what makes Armanino a great place to work, because it enables everyone to take a day off and give back to the communities where they live and do business.
  • 30 By 30 - This year-round program enables employees to organize philanthropic ventures for causes they care about, while developing their leadership skills.
  • Armanino Foundation - Our foundation helps charitable organizations involved in education, health and social services, animal welfare and the arts. It also provides opportunities for volunteer vacation trips.


We support our employees’ professional and personal development.

  • We offer an extensive range of internal technical, leadership, professional development and technology courses.
  • Licensed professionals earn CPE for internal courses that meet CPA requirements.
  • We have specialized programs to meet your individual needs at various stages of your career.
CPA License Incentive

CPA License Incentive

We know it takes a lot of dedication and effort to obtain your CPA license while working full time. That’s why we provide support and reward employees who obtain CPA licensure in a timely manner.

401(k) Plan

401(k) Plan

Armanino’s 401(k) plan provides a long-term vehicle to accumulate savings for retirement through tax deferred salary deduction. Both regular and Roth 401(k) plans are available. 

  • Eligibility begins on the first day of employment.
  • You can choose from five different professional portfolios, or tailor your own individual portfolio from more than 20 mutual funds. You also have the option to set up a personal choice retirement account.
  • Instead of a 401(k) match, we offer profit sharing, to which an annual discretionary contribution may be made by Armanino LLP.
Profit Sharing Plan

Profit Sharing Plan

The firm may make a discretionary profit-sharing contribution on an annual basis to each eligible employee’s account, subject to a vesting schedule.

  • Employees become eligible to enter the first of the quarter following a 90 day waiting period.
  • To be eligible, an employee must work at least 1,000 hours in that calendar year.
Paid Time Off & Holidays

Paid Time Off & Holidays

We offer generous paid time off (PTO) and paid holidays. You have the ability to use PTO whenever you need to take time off work (illness, vacation, or personal business).

  • All full-time non-exempt employees earn at least 4 weeks of PTO per year. PTO will begin to accumulate on a monthly basis upon hire.
  • Employees who earn PTO at a rate of 4 weeks per year can also elect to purchase an extra week of PTO, by participating in the My Choice PTO Plan. The cost is 2% of your annual gross base salary (excluding bonuses) or hourly rate.
  • Exempt employees participate in our self-managed PTO (SMPTO) program. Employees do not accrue a specific amount of paid time off, but employees are given flexibility to take time off as long as work duties are fulfilled.
  • We celebrate 8 paid holidays:
    1. New Year’s Day
    2. Memorial Day
    3. Independence Day
    4. Labor Day
    5. Thanksgiving
    6. Day After Thanksgiving
    7. Christmas Eve

    8. Christmas Day

Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Spending Account

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows eligible employees to set aside pre-tax contributions to cover certain expenses.

  • The health care benefit can be used for plan deductibles, and office visit and prescription co-pays.
  • Use the dependent care benefit for eligible child care and/or elder care expenses, such as licensed day care, summer camps and after-school programs.
  • The commuting expense benefit can be used for public transportation or qualified parking costs.


Having health insurance is important for your physical, mental and financial well-being.  Armanino offers a range of competitive medical benefits. 

  • You can choose from plans with a variety of annual deductible, copay and out-of-pocket options (some plans are not available for out-of-state employees), including:
    • Kaiser HMO, Kaiser HDHP, Blue Shield EPO, Blue Shield PPO and Blue Shield HDHP
  • Coverage typically includes things like professional services, hospital services, labs and X-rays, preventative services, mental health care, chemical dependency care and prescription drug coverage.


Here’s something to smile about! Armanino offers Delta Dental coverage for all regular employees working at least 30 hours per week, and their eligible dependents (including domestic partners).

  • $50 calendar-year deductible per person
  • Up to $2,500 coverage per person, each calendar year
  • Orthodontia coverage: 50%, up to $2000 lifetime maximum


We offer vision coverage through VSP, which provides high-quality, cost-effective eye care benefits.  You can choose from two plans, Base and Buy Up. The Base plan in-network benefits include:

  • A WellVision exam every 12 months ($10 co-pay)
  • Prescription glasses ($25 materials co-pay)
    • Lenses (single vision, lined bifocal and lined trifocal lenses) –  allowed every 12 months
    • Frames – $120 allowance every 24 months
    • Contact lenses – $120 allowance every 12 months if in lieu of glasses (co-pay up to $60)
Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance covers care in the event that you cannot perform two or more activities of daily living or suffer cognitive impairment.

  • Armanino provides coverage to all regular employees working at least 20 hours per week.
  • Buy-up options are available.
Additional Perks

Additional Perks

Here are a few other things that make Armanino a great place to work:

  • $20/month health and wellness subsidy
  • A business casual/jeans optional dress code:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3xkROaFxyE 
  • A more entrepreneurial environment, with less red tape
  • A fun and challenging culture that also provides work/life balance
  • Fast growth, quicker career development and more responsibility earlier in your career
  • Mentors to help you grow personally and professionally


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