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Our comprehensive evaluation services and technology solutions address the strategic challenges faced by CFOs of fast-growing companies.


Balancing Short Term Needs With Long Term Vision

We have worked with hundreds of private and publicly-traded companies across the nation to aid in their strategic IT initiatives and software assessment processes.

Organizations are constantly juggling the needs to safeguard the value of past software investments, facilitate the proliferating demands of a mobile first, cloud first world today and anticipate future obstacles and opportunities. The implicit but overarching challenge of truly strategic and comprehensive information systems planning boils down to balancing a long-term vision and short-term immediate needs on a pivot point of limited resources.

Planning for information systems, as with any other planning process, begins with the identification of needs. In order to be effective, development of an IT system should be a response to your organization's unique need — whether at the transaction-processing level or at the more complex information and support systems levels. Armanino assists CEOs, CFOs and CIOs to optimize business processes, giving them more time and energy to focus on leading their companies. Our strategic software assessment process frees business leaders to focus on forward-looking activities, such as strategic planning, business forecasting, providing better business analytics tools and enabling better decision-making.

Armanino is successful when our clients are successful. For example, we were able to help a public company consolidate more than 18 independent systems that were being used globally into a single integrated systems platform to support an extensive set of industry requirements, all while decreasing their IT operating costs by more than $2.2 million dollars annually.

We can assist your organization in your software system assessment processes. Armanino is here to bolster your team with perspective borne of encountering these IT challenges in many diverse industries.

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Managing Director
John leads the Strategy and Transformation team, providing management consulting and advisory for clients.

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