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Corporate Tax Outsourcing

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Start-up, rapid growth, expansion or beyond. Whatever stage your business is in, we provide outsourced tax services based on our industry expertise and technology solutions to meet your specific strategic goals.

Our Approach

The decision to hire a senior tax professional is complicated. You want a single person with deep corporate tax knowledge across multiple tax specialty areas—when in reality, you need multiple specialists with deep technical knowledge to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Armanino is the only firm structured to deliver the breadth and depth of corporate tax services required for companies looking to outsource their tax department. Our tax outsourcing experts work with you to:

  • Calendar and prioritize tax strategy sessions and tax planning
  • Work in your office—part-time or full-time—as an integrated part of your finance team
  • Tailor our services to meet your specific tax planning and growth goals

Our corporate tax outsourcing team is also well-versed in tax laws across the US and globally. And because we work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their businesses and operations, we tailor our tax services to meet your organization’s specific goals. Our clients benefit from large-company tax sophistication without the need for an in-house investment.


We can give you the tax sophistication of a major public corporation, without the required in-house investment. Our tax outsourcing team offers the specialized skills and technologies that can make the tax function a key component of your business strategy—improving your risk management, making a positive impact on your bottom line and freeing up your finance department to focus on other strategic issues. Our outsourced tax services include:

  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Provision Consulting
  • International Tax
    • Transfer Pricing
    • IP Planning & Structuring
    • First-Time Expansion 
  • State & Local Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Stock Option Accounting (123R) & Complex Tax Data Analysis
  • Stock Option Training
  • R&D Credit Studies, Implementations, Reviews & Updates
  • IRS Audit Support
  • Net Operating Loss Limitation Analysis (Section 382)
  • M&A Tax Consulting
  • IPO Tax Consulting
    • Form S-1 Preparation
    • SOX Tax Consulting

In addition, our work processes are streamlined for quick response, with a senior partner deeply involved day-to-day. Our tax outsourcing team examines your tax exposure from every angle, in each of your locations. The insights gained inevitably add strategic value, helping you manage ever-changing regulations in the U.S. and internationally. And, our work can help inform your decisions as you look ahead to new operations in new markets.




Bazaarvoice has worked with Armanino since 2011. Armanino is a firm that understands the unique accounting needs of fast-growing startups. The tax team is very responsive and in touch with our business, its structure and its goals. Their sound, practical advice brings clarity to the complex accounting and tax rules that govern our business and the innovative enterprise service offering solutions it offers. I truly appreciate that we can tap into Armanino’s expertise at any time.

Armanino has served as the outsourced tax department for Bazaarvoice for more than 1.5 years. During that time, Bazaarvoice has benefited from Armanino’s timely and thorough tax provision assistance, as well as the firm’s solid assurance and consulting services. Their diligence and expertise also helped see us through several acquisitions and a divestiture; ensuring that everything was accounted for during that process. 

Bazaarvoice’s relationship with Armanino is more like a partnership than anything else. The team gives us the same expertise as the Big 4 but with better service and more competitive pricing. When working with Armanino, it feels like they are a part of our team…like they are heading into battle with us. I highly recommend Armanino.

Clifton Smith
Former Tax Director, Bazaarvoice


Because of the breadth and depth of Armanino’s technical tax expertise and business experience, David and his team bring to the table practical solutions in today's fast changing tax landscape in order for the company to meet its current financial and tax reporting requirements. Their team is client-centric and very responsive to clients' tight deadlines and deliverable requirements, which is essential as a dependable resource for any company.

Benitia Wold
Sr. Director of Tax, FibroGen



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