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We are an established leader among private schools.

Serving more than 120 private schools, our partners and engagement teams have a wealth of real-life experiences to draw upon for business advisory and best practice recommendations. We don’t just deliver financial results in a typical "this is what happened" approach. Instead, we offer a custom set of financial solutions developed solely for our private school clients.

Armanino is different from other accounting firms. Not only do we provide the best service at competitive rates, but we also add value to your school by providing a snapshot benchmarking analysis versus a customized group of select private schools that allows you to see how your school stacks up against the best run private schools in the country. This analysis, coupled with our decades of private school experience, provides some very unique and helpful financial metric analytics that will enlighten your school in areas not otherwise considered or evaluated

Real-Time Performance Management (RPM): Through our RPM business intelligence tool, your board and key stakeholders will have 24/7 access to the transparent and accurate financial metrics and reports your school needs. Armanino’s RPM also enables your school to streamline finance meetings and accelerate reporting procedures, because it can automatically produce the majority of your financial and board reports in a concise, structured format—allowing you to focus on more pressing activities.

Custom Benchmarking: We created a snapshot benchmarking analysis, which compares a client school to a customized peer group and shows how it stacks up against other private schools. The benchmarking comparisons offer a unique view into the worlds of other schools and can be invaluable in helping your management and board make tough operational decisions and plan for the future.

Client Testimonials De La Salle High School and San Francisco University High School
Client Testimonial
De La Salle & SF University High School
Some of our Northern California clients describe what it means to work with our private school experts.
Consumer Business Audit
Our experts deliver efficient and cost-effective audits and reviews.
Consumer Business Tax Accounting
Our techncial tax consulting and compliance are tailored to your niche.
Consumer Business Consulting
Our experts provide business process streamlining strategy and support.
Outsourcing Services
Our team solves for daily challenges faced by your finance and HR teams.
Technology Risk Assurance
Our experts meet your cybersecurity, privacy, SOC report and SOX needs.
Strategy Recommend
We evaluate your people, processes and technology to sustain your growth.
Our experts recommend the best-in-breed systems to overcome your hurdles.
Artificial Intelligence
Our educational platform deliversbest practices and product reviews for members.
We design a solution allowing you to minimize risk while maximizing security.
System Solutions
Technology to Help Your School Succeed
Intacct Product Tile
An ERP designed to streamline finance processes and provide business insight.
A budgeting and forecasting solution designed to be efficient and cost-effective.
Salesforce Product Tile
A CRM built to support the unique requirements of your industry and your "customers".
Client Testimonials Marlborough School and Pinewood School
Client Testimonial
Marlborough School & Pinewood School
Some of our Southern California clients describe what it means to work with our private school experts.
Private Schools Experts
Matt Petroski, Director, Tax - Armanino
Matt Petroski is a nonprofit tax specialist with 18 years of experience in the industry.

San Ramon, CA
Karen Thompson - Manager, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino

Karen has more than 25 years of accounting experience and specializes in meeting the specific financial reporting ne...

Do you know the best financial practices for your organization?

October 30, 2019 | 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
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