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If one thing is certain, it’s that income tax laws are not created equal, and that’s especially true across state, county and even city lines. Today, most companies pay taxes to multiple states, whose rules are constantly changing. Our tax experts are current with — and thoroughly versed in —state and local tax (SALT) laws across the U.S. Our expertise, combined with our knowledge of both your operations and your industry, enables us to provide up-to-the-minute SALT strategies that meet your specific needs.


Are You in Compliance?

Whether you or your company needs help determining which state or local jurisdictions you're required to pay or file income taxes with, we can help. Our state and local tax services include:

Income and Franchise Tax Compliance: We help you and/or your business uncover tax-saving strategies to ensure you comply with local and state income tax requirements. We also specialize in helping franchisees and franchisors remain SALT compliant.

Property Tax: Whether you need to understand property tax policies and procedures better require personal property tax appeal, negotiation and value reduction, our experts can help you reduce your tax burden and plan accordingly.

Sales and Use Tax: Our sales and use tax specialists know the complexities associated with multistate sales and use tax compliance.

Tax Incentives and Credits: Our state and local tax experts are experienced in helping you and your business uncover non-income state tax incentives (e.g., enterprise zone credits, interest rate financing, sales tax credits or exemptions, etc).

Unclaimed Property Tax: We know that unclaimed property is an increasingly important area of concern for many businesses. To avoid substantial penalties or interest, we help you minimize your liability.

Alex Thacher - Partner, Tax - San Jose, CA | Armanino
Alex is the National Practice Leader of Armanino’s State & Local Tax (SALT) practice.

San Jose, CA
Darcy Kooiker Partner, Tax - Seattle WA
Darcy has nearly 30 years of state and local tax experience, with an emphasis on sales and use tax issues.

Bellevue, WA
Malcolm Ellerbe - Partner, Tax - San Jose CA | Armanino
Malcolm has more than 20 years of experience in multistate sales/use taxes.

San Jose, CA
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