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Success Story: Cenzic

Cenzic needed to improve remote access to the corporate financial system, add scalability, and reduce time spent on system maintenance.

Cenzic - a provider of vulnerability management solutions - automates penetration testing of Web applications, enabling enterprise users to test for security vulnerabilities, enforcement of internal security policies, and regulatory compliance.

"With application vulnerabilities growing at an alarming pace, more must be done to secure Web applications and services in response to regulatory guidelines and the critical role the Web plays in the majority of today's businesses," said John Weinschenk, president and CEO of Cenzic. "Intacct is a very cost-effective solution that frees our IT staff to focus on our core business."

In high-growth companies, such as Cenzic, the focus must be on mission-critical activities. After outgrowing its previous system, Cenzic found that Intacct's on-demand financial management suite substantially reduced the time needed by its IT staff to develop and maintain a more scalable system.

Cenzic chose Intacct's Web-based financial management suite to enable secure, remote access from any location.

"The Sage Intacct financial suite gave us the scalability and access we needed without the significant capital investment we would have faced to buy, customize, and maintain an inhouse system," said Tim Ridout, vice president and corporate controller for Cenzic.

"With Cenzic's background in Web-based security, we needed a scalable solution that had built-in access control and permissions. Intacct's financial management solution gave us tremendous functionality for less than a quarter of the cost of many other systems, resulting in a saving of more than $300,000 over other solutions we considered," Ridout added.

Cenzic chose Intacct's financial management suite for five key benefits:

  1. Anytime, anywhere Web-based access
  2. Lower TCO with no hardware and software
  3. Simple integration with company business processes
  4. Excellent built-in audit controls and compliance processes
  5. Speed of implementation
Cenzic integrated the Intacct financial suite with its business licensing and realized numerous benefits. They saved more than $300,000 in software acquisition, support, and customization costs and additionally saved hundreds of hours per year in IT maintenance while supporting their current and future growth. Cenzic reduced the cost of purchasing and maintaining its financial systems by up to 75% and added key role-based access capabilities for employees who needed access to financial systems. Finally, the company was able to completely upgrade its internal financial systems, including their reporting and auditing processes.

About Cenzic Corp.

Industry: Computer Software
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Cenzic is a provider of vulnerability management solutions to help enterprises secure Web applications.