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Sage Intacct Software Customization Services

Sage Intacct Software Customization Services

Customization to Optimize Sage Intacct for Your Business.
Every implementation of Sage Intacct software is unique, because every business is unique. Armanino’s Sage Intacct Software Consulting and development team members optimize Sage Intacct’s Platform Services to develop tailored solutions within the Sage Intacct environment. We can create enhancements or new modules to meet your needs.

Below, you’ll find a list of representative Sage Intacct customizations Armanino has developed for clients:

  • Cash Receipts Module eliminates the need to scroll through thousands of invoices and hundreds of entries to find the right one in your database. It streamlines the cash receipts process by allowing you to do an advanced search of open invoices, helping you find and pay specific vendors. It also provides the option to setup automatic payment for specific invoices/vendors.
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Module allows the import of COGS data into Sage Intacct. It links data (e.g., project information) with financial information, allowing your organization to report on profitability based on a specific project (e.g., an advertising campaign) and gain in-depth analysis on project performance.



  • Deferred revenue reporting
  • SOP to POP
  • Automated consolidations
  • Sub ledger to general ledger reporting
  • Streamlined cash receipts entry
  • Supply chain processes


As a leading Sage Intacct Partner, Armanino has completed more than 200 Sage Intacct implementations, integrations and customizations for clients from various industries. In addition, our technical resources consist of a full-time, Sage Intacct certified development and implementation team, which includes experienced CPAs and former CFOs with extensive finance backgrounds. We can also leverage experts across our consulting team, with specific expertise in budgeting and forecasting, business intelligence, CRM, equity management and more. This experience—coupled with our in-depth knowledge of Sage Intacct’s open API architecture—enables us to customize Sage Intacct to help you overcome your specific business challenges.