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Warranty Management & Product Repair

Armanino’s Warranty Management & Product Repair solution for Dynamics 365 (and earlier Dynamics CRM) eliminates confusion by helping your team track and schedule RMAs, repairs and more.

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The Warranty Management & Product Repair solution includes return material authorization (RMA) and field service management capabilities that associate warranty contract management with the customer’s product install base. Cases are created and managed, allowing for better product and resource tracking, thorough reporting and improved scheduling. Work orders simplify product repair and failure analysis in both depot repair and field service options.


Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Check warranty status and manage multiple warranties per customer
  • Track products by model number or serial number right off the line
  • Assist customer service representatives with proper support resolution techniques
  • Track and automate RMA processes
  • Schedule service repairs, technicians, delivery and shipment 
  • Execute install base lookups
  • Create work orders to simplify repair and analysis
  • Provide field service support
  • Reserve assets or equipment needed for repair
  • Support payment/coordination of third-party repair techs


Warranty Management & Product Repair Simplified

Once assets, locations and resources are identified using Warranty Management & Product Repair for Dynamics 365, a list of available times is presented to the customer service representative, simplifying the scheduling process with customers. Technicians can see “serviceable parts” of the product to be repaired and repair truck stock prior to an onsite visit, allowing them to order the necessary parts in advance of the scheduled repair date.

The system supports field service reports, resolutions and cost of repair logs billed to the customer or used to track the total cost of the warranty repair. Functionality manufacturers and distributors in any industry can use it to facilitate complaint management tracking and support. Additionally, complaint forms compliant with federal regulations can be submitted and routed to the proper department and software solution required for root cause analysis and regulatory reporting.


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