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Stock Count Import for Dynamics GP

Armanino’s Stock Count Import tool works with Dynamics GP to help manufacturers and distributors perform faster, more accurate stock counts and ensure that items never go out of stock.

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The Stock Count Import module makes it easy to update Microsoft Dynamics GP with actual inventory count information. Users can check product counts, freeze inventory to view current stock counts in the system, and then edit counts in Excel or externally by scanning barcodes. Additionally, manufacturers and distributors can create import templates with the standard Dynamics GP cycle count process and split count sheets to multiple people.


Solution Benefits: Solution Features:
  • Improve inventory accuracy and visibility
  • Encourage timeliness of inventory count adjustments
  • Enhance variance reporting for analysis
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for manual data entry 
  • Works for small and medium-sized companies
  • Can be used by single or multiple warehouse locations
  • Tracks serial and lot numbers
  • Allows count entry via laptops and other mobile devices 


Stock Count Import for Dynamics GP Simplified

Armanino’s Stock Count Import for Dynamics GP helps manufacturers and distributors reduce costs and get the most from their GP investment by eliminating manual entry and improving variance reporting. You can decide which items to count, freeze the inventory, count items, import the counts into the system, print variances and then solve the issues within the system. Users will also save countless hours of tagging files by automatically marking the verification check box upon import.

Variance reports can then be saved, shared, and printed to various devices to determine which items require further recount. This process allows you to have more accurate information for order fulfillment.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Stock Count Import Module Cover

Microsoft Dynamics GP Stock Count Import Module

Armanino developed the Stock Count Import module to ease the inventory process for manufacturers and distributors using Microsoft Dynamics GP. By allowing the physical inventory to be recorded on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and then imported into Dynamics GP, the module creates efficiencies across the inventory process.