LA City Business License Renewals: Last Call for the 2020 Amnesty Program

by Jenn McCabe, Alex Thacher
November 24, 2020

Any business operating within the city of Los Angeles must register with the Office of Finance and pay the Los Angeles Business License tax, which is usually due no later than the last day of February. This is a registration new or small businesses often miss, and it’s painful when the city finds you and charges several years of tax all at once.

This year was different. The city rolled out a City Tax Penalty Amnesty Program that began on October 1, 2020, and ends December 17, 2020. Act now if your business has unpaid taxes or underreported gross receipts!

The amnesty program is perhaps more meaningful for those who have not, until now, registered with the Office of Finance. Unregistered businesses can benefit from the amnesty program because it is an opportunity to pay delinquent city taxes and avoid up to 40% in penalties.

To qualify for penalty waivers, the business must pay all outstanding principal, interest and fees no later than December 17, 2020. The eligible taxes are business taxes, communications user taxes, transient occupancy taxes, parking occupancy taxes, electricity user taxes, gas user taxes, and commercial tenant taxes.

If you have questions about securing this benefit, contact our experts.

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Jenn McCabe - Partner, Outsource HR - El Segundo CA | Armanino
Alex Thacher - Partner, Tax - San Jose, CA | Armanino
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