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Dynamics GP Document Attachment Enhancements

September 18, 2014

Dynamics GP has improved its ability to attach documents to master records and transactions. With GP2013, you could attach documents in certain windows in GP. These attachments would be saved in SQL as an alternative to OLE Notes. (General notes that you enter are stored in SQL, but not the attachments.) Continue on to see the Dynamics GP document attachment enhancements in GP 2013 R2.

Vendor Maintenace- Paper Clip in upper right hand side

With GP2013 R2, they have taken away the ability to attach documents via OLE Notes. When you open up a vendor card, you are presented with a number of options.

Dynamics GP Attachment  Vendor Card

1. When you select this attachment (1), you will get the new document attachment window that was part of GP2013. This attachment is applicable to the vendor, not the vendor maintenance window.

Dynamics GP Attachment Vendor Attachment

From here, you can attach your document.

2. If you select #2, the window you are presented with is a note. Here you can write a note attributable to the vendor maintenance window, not the specific vendor. Notice there is not a paperclip on this box, thus no attachments to the vendor maintenance window.

Dynamics GP Attachment Note

3. Box 3 references any notes and attachments for the vendor "Costco." You can see the Costco name at the top and the paperclip at the bottom. PLEASE NOTE that this is a different bucket for attachments than the one mentioned in #1.

Dynamics GP Attachment Notes

When you click that paperclip, you get the following window:

Dynamics GP Attachment Management

In the document attachment setup window, there are a few items to note:

Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >>Company >> Document Attachment Setup

Microsoft Dynamics GP Tools Setup Company Document Attachment Setup
  1. You must select "Allow Document Attachments" for the attachment feature to work through GP. If you just upgraded, it defaults to unchecked.
  2. When you go to attach a file and you select "attach," this is the default path to where the attachment is. You can also ask it to delete the file in its original location after you attach it.
  3. You can determine the maximum size of attachment allowed.
  4. You can control whether you allow users to delete attachments and select a password.
  5. When you attach a file to a vendor, item, or customer file, you can elect to roll that copy down to transactions of that master file. You do have the ability to control whether that file can flow down on a document-by-document basis.

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