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COVID Tracker

COVID Recovery Tracker

Introducing the COVID Recovery Tracker

Companies are faced with a multitude of decisions regarding their business during these ongoing uncertain times. Many are turning to data to help assess the best course of action. But gaining access to the best data and then applying it to business needs is proving challenging; a bevy of websites to sort through as well as ancillary data that lack any trends or insights.

This was the driving force in creating the tracker. We’ve wanted to assist businesses by giving them access to information most important to decision making for their business. This dashboard is just a start to disseminate helpful trend data to companies in areas all over the United States.


Crisis Stages

Navigate Your Business To It's New Normal

Navigate Your Business To Its New Normal

Keeping your business running through typical disruption is challenging, but when faced with a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, it seems insurmountable. Whatever your path to your new normal looks like, you may find yourself in some or all of five stages: triage, formative assessment, transition, optimization and growth. Each phase has its own set of challenges and opportunities. We take a closer look at each stage and describe specific actions to take along the way from recovery to growth.


Approach and Resources


These are unprecedented times. And we know you, your families and your organizations need support, now more than ever. As noted, one of our top priorities as your trusted advisor is to ensure we’re helping you through these tough times. In speaking with our clients, we think there are five key pillars addressing crisis response management where we can help alleviate stress and overcome hurdles:

  • Cash Controls & Crisis Management
  • Government Aid & Access
  • HR & Remote Workforce Enablement
  • Internal & External Communications
  • Industry Solutions


We’ve created several resources that align to our five pillars of Crisis Response Management. Those resources are outlined below and are added and updated in real-time. Continue to check back daily for updates.

Cash Controls & Crisis Management

We answer the question, “How do I stay in business given market volatility?”

Government Aid & Access

We answer the question, “How do I access government assistance?”

Armanino’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Team has created an SBA Loan Support Program with options to address all aspects of the PPP.

HR & Remote Workforce Enablement

We answer the question, “How do I manage my employees?”

Internal & External Communications

We answer the question, “How do I manage what is being shared about the pandemic?”

Industry Solutions

We answer the question, “How do I solve for issues specific to my industry?”

Law Firms
Life Sciences
Nonprofit & Education
Real Estate & Construction

Disclaimer: All content provided is current as of date issued and is subject to change as additional details surface.

News and Updates

Federal Updates 2020

State & Local Updates 2020 

COVID-19 regulatory updates are changing by the hour. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter and alerts to make sure that you are receiving the latest, real-time information.

Disclaimer: All content provided is current as of date issued and is subject to change as additional details surface.

Live Q and A

Have a question that requires live interaction? Armanino is hosting "Live Q&As" throughout the month, on various topics, to provide insight and guidance on helping you run your business through this disruptive time. Check the schedule and sign up using the register link below.

Past Q&A Sessions - 2020

Rapid Response Team

If you or your team have any questions at all during this time, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our Rapid Response Team Leaders to talk through how Armanino can support you.

Gerry Clancy - Partner, Tax - San Ramon CA

Gerry Clancy


Gerry Clancy is an Armanino COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Leader and Tax Partner at the firm. Gerry and his team of tax experts across the country are monitoring legislation and helping clients understand what the changes mean and how to quickly take advantage of them. For more than 20 years, he has assisted clients in understanding the best strategies to mitigate risk and make the most of opportunities. Contact below or call directly at 925-790-2700.

Vintage Foster - Partner, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino, AMF Media Group

Vintage Foster

CEO, AMF Media Group

Vintage Foster is an Armanino COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Leader and CEO of AMF Media Group, a media strategy and communications firm. Vintage helps clients understand the best ways to communicate with stakeholders, control messages and manage public perception during a crisis. He has an entire team of communication, digital and media specialists to access to ensure clients are internally and externally positioned for success. Contact below or call directly at 925-790-2611.

Jenn McCabe - Partner, Outsource HR - El Segundo CA | Armanino

Jenn McCabe


Jenn McCabe is an Armanino COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Leader. She has more than 25 years of experience in the core functions of running a business, from finance to HR and technology expertise. Her team is monitoring and quickly breaking down changing legislation to address the crisis. Contact below or call directly at 424-220-6070.

Tom Mescall - Partner-in-Charge, Consulting - San Ramon CA | Armanino

Tom Mescall

Partner-In-Charge of Consulting

Tom Mescall is an Armanino COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Leader and the firm’s Partner-In-Charge of Consulting. He oversees a team of consultants ready to assist clients with the most business-critical areas of a crisis to ensure short- and long-term success. Tom also serves as a member of Armanino’s Operating Committee and brings his experience in driving tough business decisions to the table to help his clients. Contact below or call directly at 925-790-2812.

Dean Quiambao - Partner, Operations - San Ramon CA | Armanino

Dean Quiambao


Dean Quiambao is an Armanino COVID-19 Rapid Response Team Leader. As Armanino’s "Chief Relationship Builder,” he has a deep and comprehensive understanding of all the firm’s expertise. Dean asks the right questions to quickly assess what is needed for the overall business and what resources are required to move quickly. He uses that knowledge to help clients effectively and cohesively respond to this ever-changing market. Contact below or call directly at 925-790-2654.