Digital Asset Assurance


Blockchain-enabled assurance technology providing a key layer of trust and transparency in multiple digital asset ecosystems.
Blockchain TrustExplorer
TrustExplorer Flagship Solutions
Blockchains and blockchain-based assets enable new and novel solutions that enhance trust and transparency for the digital asset ecosystem. TrustExplorer realizes this potential.
Blockchain  Real Time Audit
On-demand audit opinions issued under the most stringent examination standards
Blockchain Proof of Reserves
Proving transparency to users of exchanges, lending platforms, asset-backed tokens, and more
TrustExplorer Basis
Track complex crypto transactions for tax clarity, accurate reporting and portfolio management
Allows token issuers to convey responsible token treasury management
Oracle Services
Enable data substantiated by a public accounting firm to be put onto public blockchains
Blockchain Trusted Node
First and only blockchain data service of its kind offering trusted node services
TrustExplorer Real Time Audit
What is Real-Time Attest?
Real-time attest utilizes blockchain technology to provide continuous evidence collection and on-demand audit opinions issued under the most stringent examination standards. Real-time attest capability presents a paradigm shift in the way all companies should think about attest and ushers in an era where higher levels of trust and transparency can be provided for the audit process.
Real-Time Attest Clients
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TrustExplorer Proof of Reserves Services
What is Proof of Reserves?
Proof of Reserves is a report and user verification portal that enables crypto custodians to prove the assets they hold on behalf of their customer. The PoR portal enables users to cryptographically verify that account balances have been properly accounted for and collateralized on whichever digital asset platform they perform transactions on.
Proof of Reserves Clients
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TrustExplorer Basis
What Is Basis?
TrustExplorer's Basis module unites the power of the algorithm with the experience of the tax CPA, empowering clients with robust and capable crypto basis tracking, accounting and portfolio management tools. Now, complex edge cases for staking income, high-volume trades, multi-chain activities and NFT trading can be supported with client-directed tax strategies.
What Is Treasury?
Token holders, investors, stakers and validators demand visibility into management of a token project’s assets. TrustExplorer’s Treasury dashboard enables token issuers to provide token holders and other interested parties insight as to who holds the tokens and how and when they’re distributed.
Treasury Clients
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What Are Oracle Services?
What Are Oracle Services?
Our Oracle Services enable clients to serve their data to blockchain networks for use by smart contracts. Web 3.0 will be enabled by making trustworthy sources of off-chain data available to on-chain applications.
TrustExplorer Services - Truste-Node
What is Trusted Node?
Trusted Node lowers the burden of hosting full, archival or mirror nodes and increases access to critical transactional and wallet balance data. It is built and operated under a robust compliance program and subject to SOC 1 audit making the API service the first such compliant data service of its kind.
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