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Dynamics GP Management Reporter Training

A financial reporting application that give users the ability to create basic financial statements, including income statements and balance sheets.
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Get Started With Management Reporter

The program instructs you on the basic functionality and enables you to create, with Armanino’s assistance, an income statement and balance sheet. Learn how to take these basic reports and extend them to meet a variety of your reporting needs.


  • Implement the tool quickly.
  • Create usable income statements and balance sheets.
  • Create new reports more efficiently with reusable report components.
  • Access updated financial information in real time.
  • Use multiple budgets to compare current results to preliminary and final budgets and forecasts.

Quick startup time
Dynamics GP AP Connect ACH
Learn how to extend reports
Dynamics GP AP Connect Wire
Armanino directs you on Management Reporter (MR) best practices and common mistakes to avoid
Dynamics GP AP Connect CCER
Connects directly to your Dynamics GP system for current financial and non-financial data
Dynamics GP AP Connect International ACH
Easily add one or more budgets to reports

Armanino’s MR training program will cover how to create income statements and balance sheets, use report component templates for greater efficiency, and compare multiple budgets to assess your company’s current results against preliminary and final budgets, as well as forecasts. After you complete the program you will be able to get started quickly on MR, so you can take advantage of this popular reporting package and simplify your life.



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