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Microsoft Dynamics GP for Medical Device Manufacturing

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Free 30 Day Trial - Microsoft Dynamics GPWorking with the right Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is essential to enable your organization to achieve profitable sales margins and quicker time to market, and address compliance and grant tracking needs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers medical device manufacturers a robust solution to manage financials, inventory and supply chains, all while ensuring FDA regulations are being met. As one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics GP partners in the nation, Armanino offers industry-focused solutions to the medical device industry and can help your company formulate an implementation strategy, leverage existing IT investments and foster growth for years to come.

Let us show you how a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution from Armanino can address:

Inventory Management
  • Report and control quantities by location, site, bin, etc.
  • Provide transaction types to match the physical movement and activities of inventory items
  • Directly link to purchasing, sales and manufacturing systems that impact inventory quantities
  • Track serial numbers and lot numbers from cradle to grave
  • Provide information on incoming inventory purchased but not yet received, and inventory sold but not yet shipped
  • Record transactions for physical inventory movement and maintain audit trails
  • Allow for inventory revaluation in case of value impairment
  • Maintain accurate valuations of on-hand inventory and sold inventory based on GAAP valuation methods
  • Track consigned inventory at remote locations
  • Conduct cycle counts to verify inventory records
  • Track and control customer returns and returns to vendors
  • Flexible bill of materials (BOM) and manufacturing process
  • Create and manage sales forecasts
Loan, Funding & Grant Management
  • All transactions are posted on a timely basis.
  • Solid audit trail to track and reference all transactions
  • Ability to limit user access by specific functions needed to complete job duties.
  • Detailed records for assets
    • Accounts receivable
    • Inventory
    • Fixed assets capabilities 
  • Detailed records for liabilities
    • Accounts payable
    • Loans payable
    • Deferred revenue, etc.
  • Ability to uniquely design chart of accounts to allow you to easily account for and manage grants and research programs
Business Controls (GRC)
  • Allow for three-way matching of PO’s, receipts, and vendor invoices
  • Implement segregation of duties controls
  • Provide for electronic purchase requisition to PO approval process
  • Maintain multiple financial budgets and easily include in financial reports
  • Attach supporting worksheets, contracts, etc. to any transaction
  • Easily compute and track sales taxes for periodic reporting and remittances
  • Integrated 1099 processing and reporting
  • Bill of materials version history and control
Business Intelligence
  • Reduce time spent budgeting by 90%
  • Implement KPI tracking via easy-to-use dashboards
  • Streamline board and management reporting—from weeks to hours
  • Improve response time to market trends
  • Increase time spent on strategy

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