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Warehouse Management System (WMS) Functionality

Whether your company needs minimal WMS functionally or advanced capabilities, we can help you evaluate the different options available for Microsoft Dynamics AX to ensure your existing and future needs are accommodated.

Use these tools to reduce operational costs, maintain competitive customer pricing and provide warehouse managers with the ability to effectively control and run their put away, quality control and picking warehouse operations. And, with a flexible warehouse workflow engine, warehouse managers will be able to rapidly respond to changing business demands. In addition, out of the box support for handheld devices, gives warehouse workers scanning precision and enhanced performance in the picking and put-away processes.


Provide customers with choice and flexibility of delivery with agile in-and outbound processes:

  • Increase effectiveness with advanced picking strategies including cluster picking.
  • Efficiently put away inbound goods with advanced put away strategies.
  • Increase flexibility by configuring workflows without coding for put-away and picking activities. Use filter capabilities to determine the custom workflow.
  • Provide warehouse workers with material handling instructions based on the system or directed by the user (task interleaving).
  • Process waves: automatic, manual, batch-time scheduled, filtering and grouping, and container calculations packaging.
  • Support for cross-docking and pick/pack.
  • Improve tracking and tracing of goods with registration of serial numbers in picking process as well as batch number support with picking strategies and put-away, based on expiry date.
  • Optimize transportation loads with containerization of shipments including auto volume and weight calculations.
  • Manage sales order returns using warehouse workflow.

Lower inventory costs with advanced inventory allocation:

  • Replenish inventory in picking locations based on picking, min/max, and transportation load-based replenishment.
  • Use flexible location directives to organize your warehouse layout.
  • Improve your customer service level with real-time visibility into inventory using the inventory dimensions including license plates.
  • Account for inventory with multiple cycle counting strategies including threshold cycle counting for picking, cycle counting plans, zero quantity on hand cycle counting, and ad-hoc cycle counting using filtering.
  • Access advanced property control for warehouse locations, control of mixed items, mixed batch numbers, mixed inventory statuses, thresholds, location allocations, and advanced volume or amount based multi-unit setup for put-away limits calculations.
  • Segregate inventory including quarantine, and advanced control of inventory status.

Increase quality of material handling with Radio Frequency (RF) support:

  • Support material handling within the warehouse with browser-based mobile handheld RF-devices.
  • Create mobile handheld device menus from within Microsoft Dynamics AX including creation of new menus for each user or user groups, change layout and colors, and error log and actions.
  • Use warehouse operation in manufacturing organizations:
  • Raw material picking and report-as-finished support.

Additional capabilities:

  • Manage quality with blocking, support of (non-) destructive tests, and workflow integration.
  • Enhanced reservation hierarchy including full serial and batch number support.
  • Use reports to manage work including work activity and performance.
  • Print documents including support of creation of labels for zebra printers using ZPL code.