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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions for High-Tech Industries

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Dynamics 365 Solutions for High-Tech Industries Manage product life cycles, improve forecast management and operational visibility and increase revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Achieve Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for High-Tech Industries

High-tech firms must continue innovating to stay competitive. Product life cycles keep shrinking, forcing manufacturers to get their products to market even faster, while keeping margins profitable.

To succeed in this demanding environment, companies must operate efficiently and increase their productivity. Leveraging cloud technology allows high-tech firms to build comprehensive, swiftly deployable solutions that improve their processes companywide.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, ERP and Power BI are among the best cloud technologies that allow high-tech manufacturing companies to achieve digital transformation. The Dynamics systems break down departmental silos, tighten complex supply chains and unify data companywide.

Whether your manufacturing company specializes in aerospace, semiconductors, robotics, telecommunication or other complex equipment manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can empower your organization with comprehensive, flexible solutions that solve difficult industry challenges and support regulatory compliance, profitability and supply chain excellence.

If you’re not sure how digital transformation can unlock your business’ untapped potential, Armanino can assess your business needs and pain points — all while recommending how to integrate or upgrade any existing CRM or ERP technologies. Our robust evaluation also allows us to make recommendations about reducing operational redundancies. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation, demo or assessment. Together, we’ll discuss how to best help your company make smart, insightful business decisions for sustainable growth.

Armanino Empowers Companies to Evolve and Overcome Disruptive Industry Forces

Smooth transitions during mergers and acquisitions, flexible pricing and distribution and robust supply chain integration can make or break a high-tech or complex equipment manufacturer.

Proper implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service and Field Service and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations empowers your company to better manage these complex industry factors, all while maintaining best practices and achieving strict regulatory guidelines.

Benefit from Systems Integration

If your front-office systems (sales, marketing and customer service functions) and your back-office systems (accounting, tracking, fulfillment and operations) can’t communicate, you end up with information silos. Armanino’s expertise in merging front-and-back office systems allows your team to truly benefit from digital transformation by eliminating silos. For example, within one dashboard, we can help you pull in external point-of-sale data from distributors, merge it with internal operations data and then analyze the information to forecast the next three-to-six months of consumer demand.

Gain Actionable Insights with Business Intelligence

Armanino’s combination of Power BI with D365 CRM and ERP provides clear visibility into your business — from the moment a customer’s quote is approved to delivery and beyond. You can pull in external point-of-sale data from distributors, tie it into your systems and then analyze it to forecast consumer demand. This information equips your teams to better manage distributor, vendor and customer relationships, allowing you to make smarter business decisions and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Achieve Supply Chain Visibility

Business forecasting is tricky when you’re stymied by a lack of data from suppliers. Armanino counteracts the lack of supply chain insight by offering supply chain integration tools. These tools allow supply chain partners to communicate via portals, or interface with your system and send electronic updates through various EDI, XML,.CSV., .XLS, and other file formats, regardless of what systems they use. This integration eliminates the need for manual monitoring of purchase order and production order updates, allowing you to collect real-time data from supplier transactions and activities.

Reduce Implementation Risks

With our experience in high tech and complex manufacturing industries, we know the best ways to help your business reduce costs, mitigate implementation risks and quickly adapt to changing market and regulatory demands. Together, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to implement Dynamics 365 so your teams can quickly identify, record and manage any quality control, production or shipping risks, events and complaints.

Custom Support for the High-Tech Industry

Armanino used its decades of industry experience to develop CRM and ERP functionalities that support industry-specific processes and needs, extending the usefulness of Microsoft Dynamics systems. These capabilities enable complex manufacturers to get more from their Dynamics implementation by eliminating manual processes and ancillary systems.

High-Tech Manufacturer's IT Playbook

High-Tech Manufacturers IT Playbook Cover

Whether you’re looking at your first ERP or a platform upgrade, Armanino’s comprehensive high-tech IT playbook provides practical guidance to help ensure that you make the right decisions to support your growth.

Access the playbook for insights into:

  • The top 9 system challenges high-tech companies face
  • How M&A impacts technology needs
  • Platform priorities for high-growth companies

Why Armanino

As companies evolve and encounter changing regulations and disruptive forces like blockchain and artificial intelligence, adopting a unified CRM and ERP foundation can support evolving organizational, reporting and compliance needs.

When you partner with Armanino, you’re gaining an experienced implementation partner who has helped hundreds of businesses achieve their CRM and ERP goals.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, Armanino has decades of industry experience implementing CRM and ERP platforms for high-tech companies. Our expertise equips us to provide a seamless, low-risk implementation that can streamline your processes.

Additionally, high-growth startup companies can take advantage of Armanino’s Rapid Implementation option for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The process comes with out-of-the-box best practices and can have your ERP system up and running within 30-90 days.

Request a demo from our experienced team today to see how digital transformation through Dynamics 365 can benefit your high-tech company.