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Sage Intacct-Salesforce NFP Integration Pack

Migrate key data between Sage Intacct and NGO Connect or the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.
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The Sage Intacct-Salesforce Nonprofit (NFP) Integration Pack enables a seamless donate-to-cash process for organizations using either NGO Connect or the Nonprofit Success Pack version of Salesforce. Nonprofit organizations have unique processes and requirements when it comes to business, and the Sage Intacct-Salesforce NFP Integration Pack has built-in business logic specifically for their needs.


Salesforce to Sage Intacct Integration Infographic


Sage Intacct-CRM Features and Benefits Business Value:
  • Donors are moved from NGO Connect or the Nonprofit Starter Pack to Sage Intacct as customers
  • Commitments made on donations migrate to Sage Intacct as an order entry invoice or accounts receivable invoice.
  • Payments to the invoice in Sage Intacct are marked as cash received in NGO Connect or the Non-Profit Starter Pack.
  • Campaigns can be migrated to Sage Intacct as projects to track KPIs and success metrics.
  • The NFP Integration Pack can run on-demand or on a schedule.
  • Eliminates the error-prone, time-consuming task of rekeying data or manually extracting and importing Excel files. 
  • Can be implemented in a quarter of the time and cost it would take to develop the integration. 
  • Comes with free year-round support, hosting, monitoring and upgrades, so there is no burden on your IT team. 


Sage Intacct-Salesforce Integration Pack Simplified

Why Armanino? Choosing the right implementation partner is even more important than choosing the right software. Armanino has been the Sage Intacct Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Partner of the Year for six years and is also a member of the Salesforce Partner Network. We have a dedicated team of integration consultants who have completed more than 400 projects.

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