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Enterprise Risk Management

Risk often rises in tandem with change. An enterprise lacking in enterprise risk management (ERM) can become vulnerable, for example, when external certifications are needed to promote business competency, the organization is pursuing a new business venture, special projects arise, or a key accounting, IT or finance professional becomes unavailable for extended periods.

Being inadequately prepared for these events can lead to deteriorating financial performance, lost business opportunities, or even misrepresentations in financial statements.

At Armanino, our ERM framework centers on aligning risk management with enterprise objectives for long-term sustainability. This requires implementing a practical approach to enterprise risk control, one that is integrated with existing management processes, to:

  • Provide an enterprise-wide view of risk
  • Improve information for decision-making
  • Reduce costly surprises
  • Rationalize the cost of risk management
  • Contribute to long-term value creation and protection

Our subject matter experts in financial, operational and technological risks work with clients to design a cost-effective process with supporting policies to address specific risks, identify mitigating strategies, evaluate technology solutions for reliable reporting and monitoring, and implement the process successfully over time.

We concentrate on the appropriate business areas as efficiently and effectively as possible, creating customized risk models to help provide enterprise risk control throughout an organization.

Armed with a comprehensive and strategic assessment of their risk universe, our clients are well-positioned to evaluate how best to manage their business risks.