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Keep your construction project aligned with your objectives, limit needless spending and mitigate and manage risk throughout your entire project life cycle.

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Our Approach

Driving Value

Navigating and managing the intricacies of a construction project while also tracking and controlling its expenses can be overwhelming. Projects can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in cost overruns, costly change orders and even contractor non-compliance and fraud. We can help you rein in project complexities and costs by providing oversight, strengthening financial controls and managing risk.


Positioning Your Project for Success

Construction audit and advisory professionals deliver three major benefits to your organization.

  • Improved Financial Security
    Our construction experts ensure the financial piece of the project is being well-managed and monitored, by verifying costs and reviewing the cost structure. Which in turn saves both your organization and the contractor time, money and effort.
  • Increased Savings
    Engaging an experienced construction advisor early in the project typically results in greater cost avoidance and more savings than a stand-alone, closeout audit.
  • Enhanced Compliance Monitoring
    Bringing an advisor in during the early stages of construction will also help you mitigate risk and ensure your rights under the contract are protected. We safeguard you against contract breaches and alleviate the burden of making sure the construction project adheres to complex contract nuances.
Establish Oversight, Strengthen Controls and Mitigate Risk
Set Guardrails
Strengthen Controls and Mitigate Risk
Create needed guardrails for your projects by establishing oversight. An outside construction advisor can look at contract terms, identify overcharges and examine the project’s financial control procedures to make sure they’re functioning properly. With the peace of mind of additional financial oversight and controls, the project team can then increase their focus on other aspects of the project.

Your Trusted Advocate

Project Audit & Advisory Services for All Phases of Construction

We act as the owner’s advocate through the entirety of the project, from pre-construction all the way through project close-out.
Pre-Construction Services
  • Project Risk Assessment
  • Construction Contract Assessment
In-Progress and Periodic Services
  • Change Order, Contingency & Allowance Assessments
  • Pay Application Assessments
Post-Construction Services
  • Project Close-Out Assessment
  • Process Improvement Recommendations
Value-Added Services
  • Project Safety Assessment
  • Project Management & Cost Control
  • Project Cash-Flow Tracking & Analysis
  • Subcontractor-Specific Audit & Advisory
  • Project Cost-Segregation Studies
  • Tax Credit Analysis
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our experienced construction experts, cost control professionals, project managers and engineers are focused on strengthening your financial controls and saving you money. Our team also includes Certified Construction Auditors (CCAs) and Construction Control Professionals (CCPs), providing you a higher level of specialized expertise to ensure that you are contractually protected and your project succeeds.
Our Risk Assurance Experts
Ron Steinkamp - Risk Assurance & Advisory| Armanino
Ron has more than 30 years of experience in internal controls and enterprise risk management.

St. Louis, MO
Robert C. Hardy - Consulting| Armanino
With expertise in construction management and corporate construction, Bob helps clients with construction audits.

St. Louis, MO
William Willbrand headshot 1
Bill's professional tenure has included work in financial reporting, tax and consulting in a wide range of areas includ...
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