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Finance is a powerful weapon that typically is not sufficiently utilized at small and mid-sized companies and nonprofits. Armanino’s Strategic Finance Outsourcing (SFO) group delivers precisely the finance capability your organization needs to meet and exceed both your short- and long-term goals.

Our Approach

We Understand Finance

Beyond products or services themselves, nothing is more important to a business’s success than its finance function. Done right, finance helps businesses 1) better understand and improve their economics, and 2) chart a path to their best future.

Armanino’s SFO group brings both the art and science of finance to the table, providing world-class finance capability to organizations of any size. This allows company leaders to focus on products, revenue growth and direct value creation.

Know Thyself

The first job of finance is to help companies better understand all the financially related elements of existing operations. This is done via financial analysis and reporting. These two disciplines lead directly to the discovery of an organization’s current state and a strategic discussion of its desired future state, and drive the organization from any existing gaps toward remarkable success.

This is an inclusive process, touching every element of your organization. Sales, fundraising, marketing, operations, production and administrative activity all have economic impacts and can benefit from the data handling, process and analytic approaches of finance.

We help you break down your economics from the ground up:

Data -> Information -> Insight -> Action -> Results

Roadmap to Success

As you “know thyself” better, it allows you to lay out a financial plan to reach your goals. You’ve likely heard how writing down personal goals leads to clearly better results, and the same is true of building a real plan for the success of your entity. The very process of writing it down leads to innumerable benefits around understanding what it will take to get there. Building the plan results in a roadmap to success for your organization. If you don’t have that, you’re just making it up as you go.

We bring reference models and a proven process to building your forecast. The process connects the economics of the business to the vision of its leadership, building a clear path to the outcomes that company leaders, funders and stakeholders are striving for. The odds for success go up dramatically with a forecast that is well constructed and followed. It’s truly a game-changer.

What We Do
Our Spectrum of Services
Our corporate finance solutions include:
Cash Management
Cash Management
Control current spending and gain visibility into short- and long-term cash and financing needs.
Forecast Management for Dynamics 365 Forecast
Forecast & Business Models
Get the models you need to better understand and run your organization.
Project Management & Time Tracking for Dynamics 365 Reporting
Reporting, Dashboards & KPIs
Get the “when,” “how” and “why” insights you need.
Anomaly Detection and Fraud Analysis
Financial Analysis
Understand every aspect of your entity’s economics and learn how to do it better.
Financial Services Audit
OPEX Optimization
Get focused help with lowering expenses, optimizing, negotiating, etc.
Armanino Care Support Unlimited Incidents
Board Support
Reduce time spent by you and your team on board prep and make interactions with the board more valuable.
Dynamic Insights Gives
Proven Insight
Access hundreds of years of cumulative executive finance insight, available on tap.

The Armanino Advantage

Teamwork at Every Level – With SFO, every client has a dedicated Analyst, Director/VP of Finance and CFO. You get more creativity, capability and error correction with lower cost.

We Share Knowledge – The entire organization shares training, reference tools and best practices. So you receive the best combined knowledge of the group and the entire depth of our expertise.

Nationwide Resources – Armanino is a national top 25 audit, tax and consulting firm, with one of the highest Net Promoter Scores of any company in the service industry.

Test your finance practices to see if you’re getting the insight you need.
Test Your Finance Practices To See If You’re Getting The Insight You Need

Your finance function should do more than just look at your past. Having the right people, processes and technology can help you better understand and impact your current state and chart a path to a more profitable, scalable and successful future.

Take our quick finance assessment quiz to evaluate the tools you have in place and get access to our finance best practices guide, which has practical tips you can use for immediate improvement. 

Andrea Mannering - Manager, Consulting, San Ramon CA | Armanino
Senior Manager
Andrea is a senior manager in the Outsourcing Services practice and manages the Strategic Finance Outsourcing practice.

San Ramon, CA
John Kogan
John is a director in the Business Outsourcing Services practice and leads the Strategic Finance Outsourcing services.

San Jose, CA
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