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Asset Sales, Patent Sales and IP Auctions


Armanino is among Silicon Valley’s most experienced financial advisory firms for technology companies that seek to monetize assets including patents and intellectual property (IP). Our professionals have extensive histories and experience with small and mid-cap technology companies, and we have conducted numerous transactions since our founding in 1987.


Our unique auction process delivers faster, higher-value asset sales

Armanino has developed and perfected our Auction90™ asset sale process, designed to complete a competitive auction for identified company assets and IP within 90-120 days from engagement. The process is fast and effective at concluding a transaction and maximizing value because it is highly structured and creates a sense of urgency for buyers that otherwise would be lacking in a typical asset sale.

The Armanino difference—asset sale specialists

Armanino has done more than 800 technology company valuations and is the best Silicon Valley resource for understanding technology assets, valuing them, and then articulating that value to potential buyers. The same team of finance professionals that has completed the valuations is instrumental in the Auction90 process. For most IP or asset sales Armanino is well positioned to deliver maximum value.