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Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab

You’ve got AI questions. Armanino has answers.

Armanino’s AI Lab provides an educational platform that delivers real-world examples, best practices and product reviews for our members.

Our Approach

Business leaders in all industries are encountering the same dilemma — promises of an automated future are being overshadowed by the learning curve for artificial intelligence (AI). Bombarded with media stories that promote the game-changing benefits of AI, our customers are finding they’re ill-equipped to apply it to their own businesses. Studies show that 76% of companies believe AI is fundamental to their future success, yet only a fraction are leveraging AI across their organizations.

More than anything, business leaders don’t know where to start.

Armanino’s AI Lab was developed with these concerns in mind. It offers a host of educational services dedicated to creating sustainable, competitive advantage. When you become a member, you’ll move past the hyperbole to deploy proof-of-concept projects focused on real-world challenges and opportunities. We focus on the AI solutions that matter most to business executives tasked with scaling their organizations for growth and market dominance.


AI Lab Infographic

Our spectrum of AI business solutions are built on the foundations of robotic process automation, predictive analytics and virtual assistants.

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) allow computers to perform structured digital tasks like a human user following a set of rules. An RPA tool maps a process for a software robot (or “bot”) to execute, thus streamlining your organization’s time-consuming, manual processes.
  • Predictive analytics attempts to understand the future by studying events from the past. It answers the question, “What is likely to happen?” Relying on a variety of machine learning algorithms, these systems identify patterns in historical data to provide statistical probabilities of a future event.
  • Virtual assistants interact with human users to observe behavior and develop insights that are capable of recommending future actions. They engage with employees and customers by providing targeted information to specific requests. Founded on the underlying technology of natural language processing, these systems can accomplish a variety of functions, including 24/7 customer support, product and service recommendations, internal employee helplines and other cognitive engagement opportunities.

If you’ve got AI questions, we’ve got intelligent answers.

Member Benefits

Armanino’s AI Lab is a suite of educational and prototype services designed specifically for the CEO, CFO and CIO. Often, businesses are unable to afford the expense of in-house data scientists or may be unsure of where to begin their AI journey. Our goal is to demystify AI and help organizational leaders leverage it to create sustainable, competitive advantage.

Benefits of Armanino AI Lab membership include:

  • Peer-to-peer meetings – Access to a community of like-minded, innovative business executives seeking to leverage AI to create sustainable, competitive advantages for their organizations
  • Corporate visits – Hosted executive team visits to Armanino’s headquarters, with customized AI learning sessions focused on your specific goals and requirements
  • Educational microsite – Members-only access to a robust library of resources, including white papers, product reviews and proof-of-concept case studies vetted by our team of data scientists
  • Proof-of-concept models – Opportunity identification for AI applications, customized to fit the needs of each AI Lab member
  • Pooled AI resources – Access to Armanino’s AI technology, developers and data scientists
Role modeling is essential (to building the AI-powered organization). For starters, leaders can demonstrate their commitment to AI by attending…training. Companies that excel at implementing AI throughout the organization will find themselves at a great advantage in a world where humans and machines working together outperform either humans or machines working on their own.”
-Harvard Business Review

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