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Blockchains are transformational networks that make up the foundational layer of the inevitable Web 3.0. Our Blockchain team helps you future-proof your organization for this evolution. We design and implement the right solution stack, allowing you to minimize risk while maximizing security.

Our Approach

Cryptocurrencies are the native digital assets (money) of the internet. Blockchains are autonomous, open, decentralized global networks. These networks enable global digital marketplaces where businesses and people transact in a direct and safe way. Armanino is your partner to bridge the gap between the idealistic potential of blockchain and the reality of your daily operations.

What We Do

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into legacy systems. Our team offers a full range of specialized services to help organizations gain the full breadth of benefits that blockchain has to offer.

Blockchain Discovery

Blockchain Discovery

We help you understand what this technology is and isn’t. There are a variety of different use cases for blockchain technology across industries. We identify tested and tried business solutions that fit your specific business case.
Cryptocurrency On-Ramp

Cryptocurrency On-Ramp

We understand the unique challenges faced by organizations looking to understand the impact of cryptocurrency on their business. Our team future-proofs your organization for the age of digital assets.

Cryptocurrency Payment Enablement
We set up a best-of-breed software environment that enables you to safely accept and make payments using cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Accounting System Implementation
We help you implement and optimize digital asset accounting and payment systems that interact directly with the applicable blockchains. We help create technical accounting policies, internal controls and process flowcharts for digital assets, while considering the tax implications throughout to prevent surprises at year-end.

Digital Asset Custody
We facilitate the custody solution selection and implementation, and document key controls and policies for safeguarding digital assets.

Security & Risk Testing
Digital assets on the balance sheet, high-volume digital currency transactions, custodial holdings, smart contracts and enterprise blockchain environments require an audit approach and technical understanding that is not common in the market today.

Armanino was among the first to complete financial statement audits for clients with high transaction volumes of on-chain and off-chain digital assets. To fulfill the technical audit procedures needed to cover existence and ownership of digital asset balances, as well as transaction testing, we have developed our own blockchain explorer tools.

Trusted Node as a Service

Trusted Node as a Service

Armanino’s Trusted Node as a Service provides an efficient solution for blockchain operators, consortium members and ecosystem participants who require third-party assurance regarding the security, availability and data integrity of both public and permissioned chain data. We host nodes in a controlled, permissioned environment and expose that data to approved third parties through REST API and Explorer tools. We place industry standard compliance controls and reporting (e.g., SOC 2) around these services to provide data that financial statement auditors, regulators and other approved parties can rely on.

TrustExplorer – Real-Time Assurance

TrustExplorer – Real-Time Assurance

TrustExplorer is an Armanino-owned and -controlled software solution that offers asset-backed token projects and their holders a new level of trust and transparency. It is the first and only solution in the marketplace offering real-time reporting for token issuers and users. Armanino’s proprietary solution does not rely on third-party blockchain data services. Instead we host and control our own public blockchain nodes to query the circulating supply of a given stablecoin every 15 seconds. The TrustExplorer system also leverages a robust REST API gateway that can support multiple financial institution connections to obtain real-time data from trust companies and banking partners. The result is a solution that breaks the mold, offering a level of transparency never before possible.

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Video Resources

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TrustExplorer is the first real-world step in a move to deploy real-time auditing, backed by immutable trust, in any engagement. Instead of relying on “point-in-time” reports that are stale as soon as they are distributed, real-time audits will ensure information is always current and relevant

Building Trust

Armanino Blockchain leaders featured in Real Vision Series addressing how Armanino bridges the trust gap and solves for custodial issues of digital assets.


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