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Our Approach

Blockchain technology offers businesses in many industries the opportunity to increase trust among customers, vendors and third-parties, by enhancing the accountability and effectiveness of how they currently transact – recording transactions in a shared, transparent, secure and immutable manner. Armanino is your partner to bridge the gap between the idealistic potential of blockchain and the reality of your daily operations.

There is a lot of talk around the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in the media. While this can be interesting for hobbyists and speculators, it probably isn’t important to your business. What likely is important is how blockchain technology can offer marked efficiencies, competitive advantages and growth for the future of your business.

Whether you have any interest in Bitcoin or not, Armanino's pragmatic approach will allow you to understand if, and how, this technological innovation can service your business goals.

What We Do

We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses looking to integrate blockchain technology into legacy systems. Our team offers a full range of specialized services to help organizations gain the full breadth of benefits that blockchain has to offer.

Blockchain Proof of Concept

Blockchain Proof of Concept

There are a variety of different use cases for blockchain technology across industries. We look for tested and tried solutions that fit your specific goals. We will work with you to assess the type of environment that best fits your industry and use case, ranging from distributed ledgers, permissioned blockchains, hybrid solutions and permissionless blockchains. We apply a platform agnostic approach to ensure optimal outcomes.
Blockchain Design and Implementation

Blockchain Design and Implementation

We can guide you through vendor selection and functional and technical design, manage configuration, testing, user training, system integration and ongoing support. We offer partnering solutions with the framework that best fits your needs: Hyperledger’s Fabric or other protocols, Corda, Enterprise Ethereum, Amazon QLDB or Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench.
Blockchain Assurance: Security Review and Monitoring Over Permissioned Blockchains

Blockchain Assurance: Security Review and Monitoring Over Permissioned Blockchains

Assurance on digital assets on the balance sheet, high-volume digital currency transactions, custodial holdings, smart contract and enterprise blockchain environments require an audit approach and technical understanding that is not commonplace in the market today. Armanino was among the first to complete financial statement audits for high digital asset transaction volume clients. In order to accomplish technical audit procedures to gain coverage over digital asset balances, rights and obligations, as well as transaction testing, we have developed our own blockchain explorer tools.

If you have an enterprise blockchain in place, the need for trust and security does not end at implementation. In addition to supporting audit testing of digital assets, we support third-party security assurance over permissioned blockchains. Armanino works with enterprise blockchain operators and consortium members in providing assurance over a myriad of aspects of the permissioned blockchains they utilize, including smart contract auditing, internal controls assessment, design and continuing remediation, automated controls for system integrations, periodic inventory assessments, as well as digital asset accounting best practices for permissioned chains utilizing a utility or currency token.

Cryptocurrency On-Ramp

Cryptocurrency On-Ramp

As non-crypto-native organizations continue to transact in, invest in and hold crypto, we facilitate their success with a mix of solutions and services for accepting, accounting for and properly reporting on crypto transactions and holdings in a risk mitigated environment. Our full stack Cryptocurrency Ramp-Up includes:

  • Crypto readiness systems review
  • Crypto-specific accounting solution selection and implementation
  • Technical accounting guidance
  • Custody solution selection and implementation
  • Cold storage controls environment consulting
  • Digital asset tax strategy and process design

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