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We are building trust for the decentralized internet.

Cryptocurrencies are the native money of the internet. They function as the currency and incentive mechanism to ensure blockchains act as intended, enabling the transfer of value in an open, borderless and immutable way.

Crypto Mining with the Help of Armanino

Crypto Mining with the Help of Armanino

In this day and age companies must be ready to pivot and explore new horizons. This power company leveraged Armanino's blockchain and digital assets team to accomplish something never done before.
TrustExplorer – Real-time Attest

TrustExplorer – Real-time Attest

Armanino’s TrustExplorer utilizes blockchain technology to provide continuous evidence collection and on-demand audit opinions, issued under the most stringent examination standards.
Trusted Node: Clean Data, Trusted Source

Trusted Node: Clean Data, Trusted Source

Trusted Node is geared toward ecosystem participants and their financial statement auditors who require relevant, reliable sources of information.

Our Approach

We’re invested in BUIDLing solutions for the future. We’ve been deeply embedded in the crypto industry since 2014, and our Blockchain Lab has a well-established track record of helping crypto-native businesses navigate uncharted waters.

We partner with our clients to build new, unique solutions that cater to their needs, as well as implement best-in-industry solutions for financial statement audits with digital assets, tax strategy and compliance, outsourced accounting, ERP, IT and security audits, and more.

What We Do

We understand the unique challenges faced by crypto-native businesses, as well as those that are starting to transact in or hold crypto. Whether you’re a crypto-native project, a token issuer or a business new to transacting in crypto, Armanino offers a full range of specialized services backed by industry experts with proven track records.
TrustExplorer – Real-Time Assurance

TrustExplorer – Real-Time Assurance

TrustExplorer is an Armanino-owned and -controlled software solution that offers asset-backed token projects and their holders a new level of trust and transparency. It is the first and only solution in the marketplace offering real-time reporting for token issuers and users. Armanino’s proprietary solution does not rely on third-party blockchain data services. Instead we host and control our own public blockchain nodes to query the circulating supply of a given stablecoin every 15 seconds. The TrustExplorer system also leverages a robust REST API gateway that can support multiple financial institution connections to obtain real-time data from trust companies and banking partners. The result is a solution that breaks the mold, offering a level of transparency never before possible.



Using a mix of proprietary methodology and technology, Armanino is a leading provider of financial statement audits, reviews and agreed-upon procedures that include digital assets. To support our financial statement audit testing, we host our own nodes, maintain blockchain explorers, and apply secure and reliable procedures for validating existence and rights and obligations over digital assets. Along with accessing evidence directly from blockchains, we are experimenting with new and innovative ways to optimize digital asset testing and real-time reporting applications.


Our cryptocurrency tax advisory and compliance services include: tax structuring and design for token issuers or users, tax accounting methodology review (e.g., timing of income and deductions), state and local tax considerations, and international and inter-jurisdictional tax situations (e.g., transfer pricing and tax structuring). Our experts address your key concerns and identify strategic tax-planning opportunities throughout the year—not just during tax season.
Risk Assurance and Advisory Services

Risk Assurance and Advisory Services

Trust is the critical foundation in building Web 3.0. We partner with our cryptocurrency and blockchain clients to create solutions that enhance trust and transparency.

This can include third-party assurance over organizational controls (SOC reports), unified control frameworks for security and regulatory compliance, cybersecurity program implementation and auditing, and Japanese FSA agreed-upon procedures and segregation audits, as well as bespoke solutions like Armanino’s TrustExplorer.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We apply our 30+ years of experience working with fast-paced startups and high-growth companies to the unique characteristics of digital assets. We assist clients with crypto-specific accounting system selection and implementation, token inventory management solutions, 409a valuations and crypto technical accounting support, as well as fully outsourced accounting and HR solutions.


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