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Our Approach

The complexity of the crypto economy creates an increasing need for companies to have access to business partners who combine a thorough understanding of this new technology with subject matter expertise in a variety of fields. Armanino’s Crypto Industry team of accountants, tax specialists, developers, auditors and consultants bring in-depth knowledge of the crypto space and underlying blockchain technology.

As a firm, we’re invested in BUIDLing solutions for the future. We’ve been deeply embedded in the crypto industry for a number of years. Our Blockchain Lab has a well-established track record of helping crypto-native businesses navigate in uncharted waters. We partner with our clients for best in industry solutions in financial statement audits over digital assets, tax strategy and compliance work, outsourced accounting and ERP consulting, IT and security audits. We have done work with some of the most notable projects, startups and exchanges in the cryptocurrency space — many of them from before they were household names.

What We Do

We understand the unique challenges faced by crypto-native businesses, as well as those that are starting to transact in or hold crypto. Whether a crypto-native project, an ICO issuer, or a business new to transacting in crypto, Armanino offers a full range of specialized services backed by industry experts with proven track records.


Through a mix of proprietary methodology and technology, Armanino is the leading provider of digital assets financial statement audit. Our services include:

  • Financial statement audits and reviews
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Technical accounting guidance
  • Smart contract auditing and security monitoring
  • Tokenization audits and attest services


Navigating taxation for funding, ICO and high-volume trade income isn’t easy. Armanino will help ensure your best possible monetary outcomes and reduced risks. With deep blockchain-specific tax expertise, our tax advisory and compliance services include:

  • Tax structuring and design for token issuers or users
  • Option plans for founders, employees and vendors
  • Tax accounting methods (e.g., timing of income and deductions)
  • Tracking of basis of tokens and cryptocurrency
  • Understanding of changes and impacts due to tax reform (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) on planning
  • Tax issues for U.S. shareholders and employees
  • Planning and compliance for international, inter-jurisdictional and complex tax situations (e.g., transfer pricing, tax structuring)
  • State and local tax (SALT) considerations
  • Review of risk of associating with start-up businesses
Risk Assurance and Advisory Services

Risk Assurance and Advisory Services

  • Third-party Assurance: SOC 1, SOC 2 audit and reporting
  • Smart contract security testing and monitoring
  • Know your customer AML/BSA program assessment, development and maintenance
  • Unified control frameworks for security and regulatory compliance
  • Cybersecurity program implementation and auditing
  • Japanese FSA agreed-upon procedures and segregation audits
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

To scale quickly, you have to focus on your core mission — and that’s not financial statements, taxes, payroll, billing, accounts receivable and reconciliations. Armanino’s consulting team brings 30+ years of experience working with fast-paced startups and high-growth companies. Our services include:

  • Crypto-specific accounting system selection and implementation
  • Token inventory management
  • Crypto technical accounting support
  • Outsourced finance and accounting solutions
  • Crypto interim CFO support
  • Payroll and HR management
  • Token valuations
  • Blockchain data visualization solutions

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The Armanino team displayed an expertise in our field and a set of unique solutions to address our needs

Mahmoud Ali

Security Assurance Lead, BitMEX


We thought we would have to spend a lot of time explaining the intricacies of cryptocurrency to our auditors, but Armanino pleasantly surprised us. Their experts were well versed in blockchain technologies, and was able to easily navigate our complicated crypto transactions.

J.R. Willet

Advisor, CoinMe

Creator of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO)