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Armanino is the global leader in digital asset solutions, providing innovative, best-in-class products and services for the industry since 2014.
Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency Solutions
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Digital Asset Services
Digital Asset Accounting Services
Accounting Services
Traditional accounting services, such as audit, tax and advisory with an industry focused approach.
Digital Asset TrustExplorer
Our proprietary technology suite designed to enhance trust for digital asset custodians, asset-backed tokens, and more.
Digital Asset Crypto Services
Specialized to the Block
Curated Services for industry players and crypto-vested companies.
Building Trust
Bridging the Trust Gap and Custodial Issues of Digital Assets
Armanino blockchain leaders are featured in a Real Vision series addressing how Armanino bridges the trust gap and solves for custodial issues of digital assets.
TrustExplorers’ suite of products
Digital Asset Solutions
TrustExplorers’ suite of products enhance trust and transparency of digital asset service providers, asset-backed token issuers, and more! TrustExplorer enhances trust by enabling users to reconcile on-chain data, such as token supply or address balances, to off-chain data, such as fiat reserves or user platform accounts in real-time!
Suite of Products
Blockchain Proof of Reserves
Proving transparency to users of exchanges, lending platforms, asset-backed tokens, and more.
Blockchain  Real Time Audit
On-demand audit opinions issued under the most stringent examination standards.
Blockchain Trusted Node
First and only blockchain data service of its kind offering trusted node services.

Digital Asset Solutions

Accounting Services

Fulfill all your traditional accounting needs while leveraging our specialized knowledge of the industry. Since 2014, we have serviced exchanges, custodians, digital asset financial service firms, stablecoin & asset-backed token issuers, miners & stakers, ATMs & wallets, protocol & token projects, digital asset investment funds and others.
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • MTL & State Licensure Audits
  • PCAOB Financial Statement Audit for Public Filers
  • ‘Proof of Reserves’ Audit
  • Stablecoin Attestations
  • IT Audit
  • Individual Tax Planning & Reporting
  • Corporate Tax Planning & Reporting
  • International Tax
  • State & Local Tax (SALT)
  • Tax Credits & Incentives
Risk Assurance
  • SOC I & II Audit & Compliance
  • Internal Controls Design & Implementation
  • Policies & Procedures Preparation, Design & Review
  • SOX Audit & Compliance
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Services
  • ERM & Internal Audit
  • Internal Controls over Financial Reporting
  • CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) – The gold standard to secure cryptocurrency custody systems. Identify gaps and be audited against the best-in-class framework, then share the results with your users.
  • ERP & Crypto-Accounting Sub-Ledger Systems
  • Token Treasury Management Solutions & Token Valuation Services
  • Outsourced Accounting, HR, & Payroll
  • Strategy & Transformation Consultation
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Digital Assets Discussions
This video series features top leaders in the blockchain and digital assets industry discussing cutting-edge developments and breaking news in the space. It’s hosted by Noah Buxton, Armanino’s Digital Assets practice leader and the Armanino Digital Assets team.

Specialized to the Block

Curated Services for industry players and crypto-vested companies. Along with crypto-native companies, we work with nonprofits, corporate treasurers, power plants, traditional banks, and more to prepare your business for the adoption of digital assets.
Digital Asset Treasury Management
Protect your Company’s Treasury reserves by diversifying with Bitcoin and other digital assets. Armanino offers an end-to-end solution, which includes marketplaces, custody, and the appropriate control environment to properly account for the assets.
Custody & Wallet Setup
Evaluate and analyze the trade-offs between various wallet schemes and implement the ideal solution for your business needs.
Auto Liquidation Scripts
Automate the process of converting your crypto to cash upon receipt. Perfect for cash-run businesses or adhering to your obligations as a non-profit organization.
Crypto Accounting Subledger
Identify, evaluate, and select the right accounting tool created specifically to handle the nuances of digital assets. Supplement with a strong control environment and accounting methodologies, and you’re set.
Payment & Invoicing Solutions
Identify, evaluate, and select the right invoicing tool to receive payments in digital assets.
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Breaking News
Hot Topics in the Digital Asset Space
The Digital Assets team addresses the OCC release of an interpretive letter confirming that national banks can hold stablecoin reserves. What is the OCC? What are CBDCs? Is there a future for both CBDCs and stablecoins?
Blockchain & Digital Assets Experts
Noah Buxton - Director, Blockchain - San Francisco, CA | Armanino
Managing Director
Noah leads Armanino's Blockchain & Digital Assets practice.

San Francisco, CA
Jeremy Nau - Manager, Blockchain - San Ramon, CA | Armanino
Senior Manager
Jeremy uses his industry experience to provide expertise to clients and build Armanino's TrustExplorer suite of product...
Clayton Lowery - Blockchain - Dallas TX | Armanino
Clayton is a Manager in Armanino's Blockchain practice, with over 7 years of experience.

Dallas, TX
Touring Proof of Reserves Dashboard
Tour the Proof of Reserves dashboard providing objective third-party trust and transparency for digital assets.

May 14, 2021
Blog articles
Armanino is carving out a name for itself as a global leader in blockchain and digital asset solutions.

April 13, 2021
Why and How Corporations and Institutions Can Add Bitcoin to Their Portfolios
Bitcoin is gaining traction as a corporate treasury asset thanks to fundamental economic principles.

April 07, 2021
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