Armanino Case Study
Case Study

Life Sciences Company Creates a Blueprint for ERP Success

A company in the life sciences industry needed to focus on improving its internal business processes for greater efficiency to meet growing customer demand. That was the conclusion that the chief financial officer (CFO) reached when he first joined the company. At the time, the life sciences company was poised to embark on an extensive upgrade of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The CFO quickly realized that the company was not yet ready to take that step.

“There was the general impression among team members that a new ERP system would fix the problems we were having,” says the CFO of the life sciences company. “I encouraged the team to pause on the upgrade and instead focus on identifying and addressing the source of the problems in our business processes. We needed cross-functional alignment on our processes before we could automate and streamline them with a new ERP system.”

The CFO felt strongly that a global, cross-functional effort was needed to discuss current issues and reengineer business processes to address them. However, due to an internal resource constraint, the company needed an external resource to manage the project, provide appropriate advisory expertise on the internal processes, and document the findings

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July 31, 2019

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