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Why can't I return a PO shipment/receipt on the Returns Transaction Entry window?

March 04, 2009

You may have wanted to enter a return transaction to record a return of goods to a vendor or to reverse out a receipt that was posted incorrectly but were unable to do so because the receipt/shipment did not show up on the Returns Transaction Entry window. There are two main reasons this can happen: 1) the wrong return type (return vs. return with credit) has been selected and 2) the item quantity has already been removed by means of an inventory decrease adjustment. So, when you want to enter a PO return, you need to make sure you know all the details about the PO and its receipts. You can review the PO on the inquiry window (Inquiry>Purchasing>PO Documents).

If the items to be on the return were shipment receipt that has NOT been matched to an invoice, the return type must be RETURN. If the items to be returns were on a shipment receipt that has been matched to an invoice, the return type must be RETURN w/CREDIT.

If you have confirmed that you're using the correct return type and the receipt is still not showing up, determine if the items have been issued out already. This can be determined by reviewing the Inventory Receipts Inquiry window (Inquiry>Inventory>Receipts).

Locate the shipment/receipt and check the corresponding quantity sold. You can't return any that have been recorded as "sold" – Dynamics GP thinks those items are gone so there's no way you could return them to the vendor. If this is the case, the return is most likely being attempted to clear out an unmatched PO receipt (rather recording a true return of goods to the vendor). The PO can be cleared out by changing the status of the PO to "Closed" on the Edit PO window. After clearing out the PO, be sure to double check the GL and make sure that all accounts involved, especially the PO Accruals account, are correct; an adjustment GL journal entry may be necessary.

Also, keep in mind that after a receipt is returned, the same quantity on the same line item cannot be received again. If replacement times are being shipped by the vendor, a line for those items needs to be added to the PO.

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