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Dynamics AX Item List Grid: How to Display Item Group (And More)

February 10, 2015

We've heard a number of people expressing concern about Dynamics AX 2012's inability to view the item group and other attributes on the item list like was possible in AX2009. Allow that frustration to disappear with this step-by-step solution around how to display the item group on the Dynamics AX Item List Grid below!

When you go to the List Page of the items in AX2012 (Product information management > Common > Released products), you are limited to what item related fields can be added to the list page, including item group. However, you are rather unlimited to what you can add to the Grid view of the item master form.

To get there, open up any item master (double click on the item in the list page), then click on the grid icon at the very bottom left of the form.

Dynamics AX Item List Grid

This opens the item form (which sits on the item table as its primary data source) in a grid view where you can use Personalization to add many more fields than you can from the list page. (I added Item Group and Item Model Group in the example below):

Dynamics AX Item List Grid Personalization

Here is a comparison of what you can select using the List Page compared to the Item Form in grid view:

List Page:

Dynamics AX Item List Grid Comparison

Item form:

Dynamics AX Item List Grid Item Form

This should remedy any frustrations around viewing item groups in the Dynamics AX Item List Grid for AX 2012. As always, our support team is happy to help with any questions or feel free to comment here as well!

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