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Dynamics CRM User Record Enabled in Production / Disabled in Sandbox

March 25, 2015

Our team recently encountered an odd issue with a user record for one of our clients. This Dynamics CRM user record was enabled in their CRM Online Production instance, but disabled in their Sandbox instances.

This client's users are managed via Office 365 and synced with Active Directory. So why would the user be disabled in one instance, yet enabled in another, when it would stand to reason that they should be either ENABLED or DISABLED in all instances?

The answer is Office 365 Groups. The sandbox environment included a security group defined in the security settings. That security group did not include the disabled user, so CRM disabled the user.

To fix the issue, I removed the security group from the sandbox instance:

Administration Center

Find more troubleshooting and fixes for issues like this one for a Dynamics CRM user record in other Tales from the Trenches posts for the Armanino Dynamics CRM team.

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