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Armanino Adds Four More Stablecoins to its Real Time Audit Platform

April 03, 2020

Armanino successfully onboarded four new digital assets to the TrustExplorer real-time audit platform, which now supports five digital assets across multiple underlying blockchain networks. The listings of TrueGBP, TrueAUD, TrueCAD and TrueHKD tokens (collectively TrueCurrencies) enable TrueCurrency users including exchanges, OTC desks, institutional holders, de-fi participants and retail cryptocurrency investors access to on-demand real-time audit reporting over fiat collateral backing.

In opening up to real-time audit, TrustToken further demonstrates their commitment to unparalleled trust and transparency for their users. Noah Buxton, director and co-lead of Armanino's Blockchain practice said, "While it has become an unwritten standard for stablecoin issuers to issue independent audit opinions every 30 days, TrustToken's TrueCurrency holders around the world can access independent audit opinions for all the TrueCurrencies in real-time, and on demand. The new standard emerges with assurance windows of 30 seconds, not 30 days with opinions issued weeks after."

TrustExplorer continues to solve the biggest challenge facing the tokenization of real-world or non-digitally-native assets, reconciling "on-chain" tokens and data with "off-chain" or real-world data. With TrustExplorer living at the intersection of on-chain and off-chain data sources, token issuers, projects and other ecosystem participants benefit from additional layers of trust and transparency that have heretofore been unachievable.

The addition of the four additional TrueCurrency tokens demonstrates the need and staying power of Armanino's TrustExplorer suite of products, which now includes TrustExplorer: Real-Time Attest and TrustExplorer: Trusted Node, along with other exciting additions already in development.

TrustExplorer has also launched two feature expansions. The Validate Report feature allows any user to validate–with cryptographic certainty–the provenance of a TrustExplorer-issued audit report. Just drag and drop to validate.

The new Historical Reporting feature will enable users to pull audit opinions from the previous day 's archives. Now the management of exchanges, auditors and consultants can pull reports for a previously closed month, all the way back to the inception of real-time attest.

The new features are now available to the public at: Real-Time Attest

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