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Dynamics GP Account Modifier - Combiner Tool

by Steve Chapman
March 12, 2015

Dynamics GP includes an easy way to transfer general ledger account transactions to a new account or a different, existing account. This Dynamics GP account modifier/combiner tool can be utilized to combine information from two accounts into one account.

From the Microsoft documentation: "This tool requires that the user be logged in as user with SQL Server administrative privileges. Typically, this will be the 'sa' user."

There are three options when utilizing this function:

  1. A range of accounts
  2. One account at a time
  3. Import a list of accounts

There are two modes of operation for this tool:

  1. If you are moving transactions to an account that does not exist in your chart of accounts, you can merely type the value of the new account in the "Ending Account Number" field. Dynamics GP will recognize it as non-existing account and will create a new account in your system.
  2. If you are moving transactions to an account that already exists, Dynamics GP will use that account, of course.

If you'll be using a list of accounts to specify the change you want to make, the "Starting Account Number" (old account number) will be in the first column, and the "Ending Account Number" (new account number) will be in the second column. Make sure to save the file as a tab-delimited file. A csv file will not work.

These are the three versions of the screen depending on your chosen option.

Modifier 1 Modifier 2 Modifier 3

Here's a quick video showing the Dynamics GP Account Modifier tool in use. Learn more about Dynamics GP and find custom modules and integrations in Armanino's Dynamics Marketplace.

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