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CFO Evolution

The Path to the Tranformational CFO

The Path to the Transformational CFO

Our CFO Evolution® 2.0 is a complete transformation of the thinking and skills necessary for the CFO to navigate today’s turbulent environment and focus on the areas of their business that drive strategic value.

CFO Evolution

CFO Evolution 2.0 Innovation and Influence Fuel the Transformational CFOCFO Evolution® 2.0 positions the CFO for a new transformational business model, one that requires the skills of innovator and influencer to deal with the disruptive landscape.  Armanino’s perspective can help you streamline your operation to achieve better accounting processes in less time-freeing the CFO to spend more time on the vital market disruptions impacting the organization’s strategy.

Armanino’s CFO Evolution® 2.0 is a set of initiatives focused on the people, processes and technology needed to streamline the accounting function, optimize the protector role and elevate business leadership activities, thereby enhancing the value of the CFO organization. This framework was created to help organizations focus their time and energy on the areas that drive strategic value. Each of these core areas of responsibility require a specific plan that includes goals, expected outcomes and required resources. The CFO Evolution® provides a framework to migrate the CFO’s most limited resource—time—away from task-based activities to strategic leadership initiatives.

In Armanino’s Annual CFO Evolution Benchmark Survey, CFOs were asked about their responsibilities, roles and strategic priorities. Based on their responses, market research and our extensive experience as a leading CPA and Consulting firm, we’re pleased to offer the following white paper that calls attention to the fact that continuous change is the new normal for companies in all industries.  We and our surveyed CFOs believe that finance leaders must influence and innovate across the three core roles of accountant, protector and leader to evolve into the role of a transformational CFO. These skills, along with a relationship network of thought partners and subject matter experts, are necessary to combat the disruptive market changes and broad-reaching, strategic challenges and opportunities.

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Transformational CFOs

Transformational CFOs

The CFO Evolution Client Awards are given annually to CFOs who are transforming their organizations through innovation and influence. Awards are given for the Most Influential CFO, Most innovative CFO and CFO of the Year. These CFOs are leading their businesses through transformation with impact and success. Watch a video by clicking on the accordion link below and learn how these CFOs have been successful in transforming their organizations:

Watch video of CFO of the Year, J. MARK JENKINS

Vice President, Finance & Analytics of Golden of Gate National Parks Conservancy, J.Mark Jenkins, shares his story

Watch video Most Influential CFO, RAY MIKHAIL ASAD

CFO of Allied eSports International, Ray Mikhail Asad shares his story

Watch video Most Innovative CFO, MARGARET MCCARTHY

CFO of WideOrbit, Margaret Mccarthy shares her story