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Law firms, regardless of their size and areas of specialization, often face complex issues that demand technical knowledge, expert advice, experience and insight. Armanino is uniquely positioned to satisfy those needs and deliver results-oriented solutions to help your firm.


For over 25 years, hundreds of law firms have turned to Armanino to guide them through the complex issues facing this mature industry. Now more than ever before, in this time of disruptive transformation, law firms need guidance from experts who understand their unique needs.

Armanino is the only firm in the Western U.S. with a combined consulting and accounting practice that is exclusively dedicated to serving the business needs of law firms. From “bet the firm” strategic guidance, to tax compliance services that understand the specialized tax rules that apply only to law firms, Armanino’s Law Firm Services team provides best in class service from the boardroom to the back office. Our approach is customized for each client; nothing is off the shelf. Whether your firm is transitioning from one generation to the next, or evaluating a software platform, Armanino has the team, the experience, and the solutions to help.

Our exposure to firms of all sizes and specialties enables us to quickly recognize issues that may impact your firm, develop effective solutions, and ensure these solutions are properly and effectively implemented.

Armanino’s experienced team provides a full spectrum of advisory services including:

Performance and Operations
  • Profitability Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Operating Process Improvement
  • Temporary CFO/Controllership
  • Cybersecurity
  • Law Firm Performance Management with Adaptive Insights
Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Post-Merger Integration Support

Tax & Assurance

Law Firm Tax & Assurance Services
As the largest California-based accounting firm, we also provide world-class corporate, partnership and individual tax accounting services and assurance services tailored to your needs. We understand that law firms are different from most businesses, from the proper treatment of client advances to the specialized rules of trust accounting.  We can handle any tax or accounting issue you or your firm faces.

Assurance Services
  • Financial Statement Reviews & Compilations
  • Internal Control / Operations Reviews
  • Back Office Assistance
  • Temporary CFO

Upcoming Events

Webinar 12/20

Effects of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act

During the webinar, our tax experts will review several provisions of both the House and Senate bills that may impact fa ...

Law Firm Survey

View a sample of our Armanino Law firm Survey.

The Armanino Law Firm Services produces “The Armanino (formerly RBZ) Law Firm Survey,” an annual comprehensive survey of approximately 200 Southern California law firms. The survey includes detailed compensation data by size of firm, location and practice area on over 50 different positions within law firms. The survey also includes data on billing rates, billable hours, employee benefits, leverage, costs per lawyer, net income per partner and more.

This report is the preeminent resource for benchmarking information for Southern California law firms.

For more information about participating in the survey process or purchasing a copy of the Armanino Law Firm Report, contact:

Crystal Lee
Email: crystal.lee@armaninollp.com

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John Schweisberger

Executive Director

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Your guide to avoiding risk and simplifying the CRM evaluation and implementation process.

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Tax and accounting issues can be ticking time bombs for law firms.

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