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CFO Evolution

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CFO Evolution® provides insights you can use right away

More than half the typical CFO’s time is still focused on accounting. We consider that a waste of good talent. Our CFO Evolution can help you streamline your operation to achieve better accounting processes in less time—freeing the CFO to spend more time on the more vital strategic concerns of the company.

CFO Evolution

Armanino’s CFO Evolution® is a set of initiatives focused on the people, processes and technology needed to streamline the accounting function, optimize the protector role and elevate business leadership activities, thereby enhancing the value of the CFO organization. This framework was created to help organizations focus their time and energy on the areas that drive strategic value. Each of these core areas of responsibility require a specific plan that includes goals, expected outcomes and required resources. The CFO Evolution® provides a framework to migrate the CFO’s most limited resource—time—away from task-based activities to strategic leadership initiatives.

cfo-evolution-surveyIn Armanino’s Annual CFO Evolution Benchmark Survey, CFOs were asked about their responsibilities, roles and strategic priorities. Based on their responses, market research and our extensive experience as a leading CPA and Consulting firm, we’re pleased to offer the following eBook that outlines the six key ways CFOs can make the move to business leadership. Included are topics around improvement of processes, driving improvement with and integration of technology, providing effective KPIs, benefits of accurate forecasting and learning how to support company growth and expansion. We uncover how the best in class rank in these areas as well as how laggards are faring against their better counterparts.