CCPA Employee Notice

Armanino Employee Privacy Notice (California)

Armanino, LLP (“Armanino”) collects name, contact information, identification data, bank account details, information related to your job, health-related information, salary, benefits, compensation, your use of company equipment and resources, your communications, your performance, any disciplinary actions against you, and other information relating to you as an employee based in California for purposes of administration of the employment relationship, providing payments and benefits, managing your daily job activities, compliance with laws and regulations and company policies and procedures, monitoring job performance, security and fraud prevention, compliance with corporate responsibilities, audit requirements, cost and budgeting analysis and controls. Armanino also uses technologies, systems and processes to monitor and safeguard employee compliance with applicable laws and company policies, to protect Armanino's employees, data, intellectual property, and premises as well as any computer systems owned by Armanino, employees or third parties that contain or provide access to information pertaining to Armanino's business (“Computer Systems”).

NO PRIVACY: You have no expectation of privacy when you work at Armanino's premises or use any Computer Systems. Whenever you are using Computer Systems, your actions and communications may be monitored, recorded, tracked, filtered, deleted, and otherwise processed.

Without limiting the foregoing, this may include:

Processing of data: Armanino may store and process all types of data relating to your use of Computer Systems, including, but not limited to, your username, IP addresses, URLs of the websites you visit, emails exchanged through your Armanino e-mail account and any personal e-mail accounts you access from Computer Systems, contacts, calendars, and Internet usage generally (hereinafter, your “IT Data”) to ensure network security and compliance monitoring.

The processing of your IT Data is conducted by Armanino IT and Compliance administrators, and may be connected to other employees of other departments within Armanino and outside third parties, including, but not limited to (i) employees of the Human Resources and Legal departments; (ii) information technology service providers, (iii) external advisors (law firms, auditors, etc.) or public authorities (for instance, in the course of investigations or mergers or acquisitions).

Access to emails, files, documents and Instant Messenger (IM) Sessions: Your IT Data can be accessed for all purposes, including maintenance or monitoring purposes by Armanino's IT employees in the U.S. Armanino reserves the right - but does not assume any obligation - to monitor, access, retrieve, review, intercept, block, and delete, to the greatest extent permitted by applicable law, any and all activities, including, but not limited to, phone calls, e-mails, IM messages, files or documents created, sent, received, accessed or stored while using Computer Systems. Only to the extent required by mandatory laws will Armanino take preliminary steps (such as collection of aggregate data to pinpoint irregularities, issuing collective warnings) before engaging in these actions.

Tracking of devices, deletion of personal and professional information: You are informed that Armanino may track and locate your Computer Systems, including, but not limited to, in the event a computer system has been either lost or stolen.

To ensure the confidentiality of business information and preserve its interests, Armanino may remotely delete any data which may be stored on a Computer Systems. This may include, but is not limited to, deleting IT Data at the end of your employment with Armanino, and deleting IT Data of a Computer Systems that is lost, stolen or retired. We may delete any and all data, including but not limited to any professional information, (such as Armanino or work-related data), and personal information you may have stored on your Computer Systems. You should therefore copy any personal information (files, documents, emails) that may be contained on your Computer Systems on a separate medium.

Inform others of limited privacy: Always make sure that anybody outside the Armanino organization who you may be communicating with in writing - customers, suppliers, advisors, your friends, family, etc. - are also aware that if they are communicating with you through Computer Systems, their written and oral communications may be monitored, recorded, tracked, filtered and otherwise processed.

This notice is not intended to create any rights for anyone except Armanino, or to limit Armanino’s right to monitor, or qualify any other notices and/or consents, in any way. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Employees who have a visual disability should contact the human resources department to access the notice in an alternative format.

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