Proof of Reserves

The first audit and assurance platform, on TrustExplorer, that enables users to cryptographically verify their digital assets are fully reserved on their exchanges, custodians, and other digital asset service providers.
Proof of Reserves
Third Party Assurance
The Value of Proving Reserves
Perfect for custodial digital asset service providers to provide increased transparency.
TrustExplorer Users
Platform Users
Enhance your reputation and confidence with your current and perspective user base.
Real-Time Audit Reduce Administrative Burdens
Leverage Armanino’s accounting expertise to fulfill international and domestic regulatory requirements.
Business Management
Increase confidence in your own internal systems by having our team of industry CPA’s inspect your processes.
Proof of Reserves Miami Bitcoin Conference 2021
Miami Bitcoin 2021
Noah Buxton, managing director and practice lead, Blockchain & Digital Assets, discusses the use of Proof of Reserves to provide transparency to users of exchanges, lending platforms, asset-backed tokens and more.
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View Proof of Reserves Dashboards
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