Accelerator Solution

Power BI QuickStart Package

Enables you to Deliver Strategic Competitive Advantage Company-wide, Using Microsoft’s Suite of Business Analytics Tools to Analyze Data and Share Insights.
Software Integrations and Toolkits
Accelerator Solution

Self-Service Data Visualization

The QuickStart package is ideal for companies looking to start self-service data visualization initiatives.


Leading Expertise

Armanino will assist in provisioning your Power BI cloud environment, and lead and support you through your initial data modeling and visualization design. Our experts will help you leverage your existing Microsoft investment by providing you with a rapid but comprehensive introduction to the Power BI platform. We are a long-time Microsoft partner and early adopter of Power BI.


  • Unify all of your data into one simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Build your own “what if” scenarios with prototype data modeling. 
  • Gain anytime, anywhere access on any device with cloud environment provisioning.
  • Achieve rapid deployment in 2-3 weeks from Armanino’s team of experts.
Realizing the Most Important Traits
Power BI QuickStart Experience
Experience business analytics that provide a single view of your most critical data
Power BI QuickStart Subscription
Obtain a one-year subscription for 10 users
Power BI QuickStart Cloud
Cloud-based solution set has the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel
Power BI QuickStart Dashboard
Utilize a customized dashboard with up to 10 visualizations
Imagine asking “What were last year’s sales by product?” and getting a stunning, interactive visualization as your answer. With Power BI, you ask questions in your natural language and receive the appropriate charts and tables in reply. Whether in the cloud or on premise, you can combine data from disparate databases, Excel files, web services and streaming data, and fix data quality and formatting issues quickly using Power BI’s visual design tools.
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