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Benchmarking is an ongoing process of measuring an organization against expectations, past experience or industry norms for productivity and profitability.
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How Will Benchmarking Benefit Your Organization?
External benchmarks let you see where your nonprofit is thriving and where it lags behind, based on data from peers. Effectively communicate to stakeholders your operational strengths and what makes the organization unique. Identify areas of improvement and adopt industry best practices.


Quick Highlights

Key Area Analysis

Organization profile, profitability and sustainability analysis

Health Indicators

Liquidity and balance sheet health analysis

Customized Learning

Personalized benchmarking results

Summary & Scorecard

Benchmarking scorecard & executive summary

Data Analytics

Benchmarking in Action

Armanino’s nonprofit experts and data analytics group teamed up to create a benchmarking platform for the industry. We compiled data on 300,000+ nonprofit organizations across the United States and developed a flexible dashboarding tool that makes it easy to see how you stack up in a matter of seconds.


Getting Started

Armanino Benchmarking for Nonprofits provides the best overall value on the market. Get started with personalized financial benchmarking reports and if you need more, consult with our experts to meet your needs with access to a modern cloud-based platform that is accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime.




per year

Circle check Personalized benchmarking reports with 40+ KPIs including:
• Organization profile analysis
• Profitability and sustainability analysis
• Liquidity and balance sheet health analysis
• Benchmarking scorecard & summary
Circle check PowerPoint and PDF formats to easily share with stakeholders
Circle check Excel version with benchmarking data above to do further analysis


Starting at


per year

Circle check Consultation to interpret results and take action
Circle check Board presentation from a nonprofit expert
Circle check License (1) for access to benchmarking platform
Circle check Unlimited peer groups and downloads
Circle check Set up, onboarding, and customer support
Circle check Compensation analysis
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