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Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Pack

Seamlessly migrate key data between NetSuite and LeafLogix.
Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Pack
Integration Solutions
Cannabis ERP
Accounting at a cannabis company requires a broad swath of tools to be successful.


Easily Track Key data

Balancing regulatory issues is just as important as balancing books. Armanino’s LeafLogix – NetSuite integration pack allows you to easily track key data between both systems.

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Business Value

  • Focus on high-value, strategic work by eliminating the need for manual file transfer, allowing your team to avoid preventable mistakes and maximize productivity.
  • Partner with an experienced team to implement quickly using proven software that is flexible enough to work in any situation.
  • Access the complete Armanino integration ecosystem, an end-to-end environment built to accomodate your full business technology needs – from Seed-to-Sale to expense tracking, we can handle any integration need.
  • Reduce your risk and IT burden with year-round hosting, monitoring tools and support.

Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Visibility
Armanino’s NetSuite LeafLogix Integration Pack enables greater visibility into your business along with seamless account reporting
Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Auto Migrate
Automatically migrate vendor, customer and product information from LeafLogix to NetSuite
Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Track
Track invoices and receipt of goods; leverage NetSuite integration to track payment information
Netsuite – LeafLogix Integration Migrate Balances
Migrate daily summary inventory balance information to NetSuite

Our cannabis industry expertise and experienced team of finance professionals allow us to create both commercialized point-to-point solutions and enable unique proprietary and industry-specific integration ecosystems.

We have a dedicated team of integration consultants and developers who have completed more than 400 projects. With nearly 100 different system connections, Armanino’s primary focus is on our clients’ holistic needs rather than the specific systems in place.

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