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Dynamics GP .CSV Imports Integration Pack

Eliminate all manual imports of .CSV files into Dynamics GP from your HR, POS, CRM and other systems.
Microsoft Dynamics GP - .CSV Imports Integration Pack by Armanino LLP
Integration Solutions
Eliminate Manual .CVS File Imports
Armanino’s .CSV files solution creates a custom email address for your business, making imports as simple as sending an email.


Integrate any System

Completely automate the process by using your reporting tool to schedule an email to our unique integration. We can integrate any system that has a standard output, making the possibilities endless.

Dynamics GP .CSV Imports Integration Pack Infographic

Features and Benefits

  • Quick, simple setup
  • Can take on nearly any file (HR system, POS system, CRM, industry-specific solutions)
  • Armanino handles all data mapping for you
  • Automated process for error reporting
  • Support from Armanino
Business Value:
Dynamics GP CSV Imports Focus on Work
Focus on high-value work: Remove the tedious need to manually download/upload files, allowing your team to avoid mistakes and maximize their productivity
Dynamics GP CSV Imports Partner
Partner with an experienced team to quickly implement by using proven software that is flexible enough to work in any situation
Dynamics GP CSV Imports Create
Create a single platform for your employees, to eliminate training and turnover costs while keeping productivity high

Armanino’s cloud integration solutions offer near limitless connection options. Our industry expertise and experienced team of finance professionals allows us to create both commercialized point-to-point solutions and enable unique proprietary and industry-specific integration ecosystems. We have a dedicated team of integration consultants and developers who have completed more than 400 projects. With nearly 100 different system connections, Armanino’s primary focus is on our clients’ holistic needs rather than the specific systems in place.

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