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Put this turnkey, electronic filing process in place to assist you and your business with the electronic filing of the 1099-NEC and the 1099-MISC.
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New Year, New Forms
The US Federal Government has introduced the new 1099-NEC form, and updated the 1099-MISC form to accommodate the reporting of independent contractor fees. Is your accounting system ready to electronically report the 1099-NEC or the 1099-MISC?


Complete Support

Calculation Preparation

We prepare a forgiveness calculation analysis and review with you

Form Routing

We complete SBA’s forgiveness application forms and route to you for electronic certifications and signature

Application Processing

We submit application and supporting documentation to lender for forgiveness review and decision

Ongoing Help

Support you in discussions with bank lending officers regarding uses of funds and forgiveness as needed

Our service can also handle other variations of the 1099 as well as the 1042-S, 1042, 1095-C and 1098. Armanino’s Center of Excellence has already helped many companies navigate the 1099 process with the experience of thousands of form filings for thousands of satisfied clients.

Customized Plans to Meet Your Needs

We’re thinking outside of the box to create value for our clients in different ways. We know customizability is an important factor during this time, so our goal is to ensure we are meeting your particular need.

Our pricing varies on forms filed and other factors. Reach out to us for an estimate on pricing based on your specific details.

1099 Filing Resources
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Make sure your team is prepared to handle the latest processes and filing requirements set by the IRS.

December 21, 2020
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The IRS has changed the 1099 forms, filing requirements and deadlines. Here’s how to get ready.

December 16, 2020
1099 FAQ: What You Need to Know for 2020 Filing
Don’t miss important changes to the 1099 filing process made by the IRS for the tax year 2020.

December 11, 2020
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