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Shareworks by Morgan Stanley

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Flexible Equity Management Solutions for Rapidly Scaling Businesses

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley equity management software is a leader in supporting unicorns and smaller private firms, as well as public companies. Armanino implements the Shareworks cloud-based platform, in addition to providing plan administration, expense accounting and participant support, allowing your business to streamline and customize your equity program.

About Us

Armanino's CFO Advisory team works with the CFO organization to provide equity management support, technical accounting and valuation services. The Equity Management Solutions practice is made up of experts in equity administration, equity accounting, tax and human resources to help you manage your stock program and cap table within the larger context of your business. During the implementation process we review, analyze and challenge your data to verify that it is error free.  Armanino works as an extension of your team to decrease the number of hours you devote to data input, participant inquires and accounting of stock options, preferred stock and warrants.  We ensure your equity compensation plans are audit-ready for the IPO process, and our experts continue to support your business and Shareworks as you transition from a private to a public company.

Armanino is a leading Shareworks partner with clients across the nation. Our team has extensive Shareworks implementation and administration experience with specific focus on companies in the technology, biotech/pharmaceutical, and asset management industries.