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Success Story: 3Balls.com

Success Story: 3Balls.com

  • Needed to increase staff productivity to accommodate an expected increase in channel partners
  • Wanted to gain better insight into costs and revenues
Results with Intacct:
  • Anytime, anywhere access to financials
  • Ability to run channel-by-channel revenue comparisons and control the latest orders, inventory levels, shipping schedules and financial transactions
  • Increased back-office productivity by 25%
  • Decreased time spent reconciling accounts and running financial reports from 12 hours a week to 4 hours per month

3balls.com Utilizes Intacct's Robust Reporting Capabilities to Better Manage Its Finances, While Reducing Costly Overhead

One of the nation's largest retailers of used and like-new golf equipment, 3balls.com had a tough time managing the financial aspects of the company's rapid growth. Sales were increasing, but so were costs and overhead. 3balls.com needed a mid-market financial management and accounting solution to precisely gauge its finances and boost productivity.

3balls.com sells used and almost-new clubs, balls and other golf merchandise on its website 3balls.com, eBay and Amazon. Through a recent agreement with PGA of America, 3balls.com procures used sports merchandise from 3,000 pro shops and other sporting goods retailers.

With limited staff, dispersed across the country, the company needed a Web-based financial management solution that provided remote access.

3balls.com chose Intacct's comprehensive financial management and accounting applications, delivered over the Internet. Instead of buying and supporting an internal IT infrastructure, 3balls.com pays a low, monthly subscription fee for employees to access Intacct's financial applications anywhere, anytime.

When 3balls.com feeds daily sales figures from its three sales channels into the Intacct system, the data is immediately available for executives to review.

3balls.com used Intacct's integration service to easily fuse financial back-end applications with its existing e-commerce, order lifecycle management and inventory management system from CORESense, a provider of on-demand retail management software for companies with multi-channel sales strategies.

Today, sales data from 3,000 channel partners and 100,000 customers placing up to 400 orders a day on 3balls.com, eBay and Amazon flows directly into the Intacct system.

Because all financial transactions are available in real time, managers can run channel-by-channel revenue comparisons and control the latest orders, inventory levels, shipping schedules and financial transactions without wasting significant time and effort on manual processes or report customization.

Meanwhile, back-office productivity is up 25%. Time spent reconciling accounts and running financial reports, for example, has dropped from 12 hours per week to just four hours per month.