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Success Story: Accellar

  • Growing company required improved financial controls and richer reporting capabilities than what they were getting from QuickBooks
  • Wanted a scalable financial management system to support needs now and into the future
  • Needed an easy-to-use and reliable solution that didn't require an expensive investment in IT
Previous Solution:
  • QuickBooks
Results with Intacct:
  • Combination of  "out of the box" and custom reporting provides much-needed business insight
  • On-demand platform and supporting documents capabilities ensure remote staff has complete access to information
  • Flexible applications ensure Acceller can make changes as needed, without costly IT support

Fast Growing Company Needs Better Financial Reporting

"Intacct is a high quality and highly functional financial management system, but still affordable for a smaller business. We particularly like that we can add functionality and combine Intacct with our Salesforce CRM applications when we're ready to make that move." - Ivette Ruiz Babylon, Controller, Acceller

Acceller is a leading provider of digital services including high-speed Internet, TV, phone and bundles. In 2007, the company was ranked #54 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies in America and #75 on Deloitte's 2007 Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications and life sciences companies in North America. This phenomenal growth puts heavy demands on Acceller's financial staff.

Since its inception in 2005, Acceller had been using QuickBooks to manage accounts payable and accounts receivable. When business began to increase, however, the lack of sophisticated financial reporting became a significant issue. The company also needed a way to improve financial controls and decided to explore its options.

Acceller is headquartered in Miami and has another office in Austin, Texas, but many of its employees work remotely from home offices. This, along with a need for a low-maintenance application that required minimal IT support, played heavily into Acceller's decision to look for an on-demand financial solution. The company looked into QuickBooks Online and also evaluated Intacct.

"We wanted a financial management solution that would give us better reporting so we could more easily evaluate and manage our fiscal processes, and have better insight into our business," said Ivette Ruiz Babylon, controller at Acceller. "It was also important for us to be able to share information with remote staff without having to export data to Excel. We chose Intacct because it offered tremendous capabilities from the start, as well as the ability to customize the solution for our particular needs."
Intacct Delivers Rich Functionality with Low Maintenance
Intacct provides Acceller with a complete on-demand financial management system. The company manages all financial processes within Intacct; and now can easily gain access to information it needs to continually optimize its fast-paced and always-changing business. In addition to standard reports, such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow, Acceller uses Intacct Insight's custom financial reporting capabilities to quickly create specialized reports.

Even with all the increased functionality, Acceller found Intacct to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain application. After some initial deployment assistance from Intacct Professional Services, Acceller's financial staff is able to enjoy using Intacct without needing IT or application support.

"As a small technology company, our IT staff is focused on customer support and revenue-generating applications - we don't have the luxury of a large support staff to lean on for internal application support," said Babylon. "Intacct is very intuitive and very reliable, so we in finance can completely manage it on our own and make changes as needed."
Scalable Financial Management System Meets Needs Now and Into the Future
Since the company started using Intacct, Acceller has benefited from enhanced financial visibility and gained significant improvements to operational efficiency. The company no longer struggles with poor reporting, and everyone in finance - no matter where they are located - has access to the information they need.

As an added benefit, Acceller has eliminated the cumbersome process of managing accounts payable paperwork. Intacct's ability to store supporting documents associated with various accounts, such as scanned signature pages, has enabled the company to go paperless, which saves both filing aggravation and time.

"Intact has provided value in many ways. The on-demand delivery enables staff in Miami, Austin and in home offices, to all work together as though we're in the same room. Everyone has visibility into our data, and we have confidence in its accuracy," Babylon commented. "Intacct has also allowed our auditors the flexibility to perform much of their fieldwork remotely and has eliminated the need for us to provide them copies of supporting documentation and reports. Also, we're able to more quickly create the reports management needs to make important business decisions. Instead of exporting data and fumbling around in spreadsheets, we simply press a button to run the report we need. It takes just minutes."

Acceller also appreciates the flexibility of Intacct - knowing that the solution will scale as the company continues to grow. The company already has plans to take advantage of Intacct's native support for Salesforce to connect its financial and customer relationship management systems.

"We made the right choice with Intacct. It's a high-quality and highly functional financial management system, but still affordable for a smaller business," said Babylon. "We particularly like that we can add functionality and combine Intacct with our Salesforce CRM applications when we're ready to make that move. With Intacct, we've got a financial solution that fits perfectly right now and can also grow to meet our future needs."
About Acceller

Industry: Marketing Services
Headquarters: Miami Florida

Acceller offers an innovative comparison shopping platform for digital lifestyle services with a unique customer experience. Acceller makes it simple and convenient to gain knowledge through extensive editorial content, and to check availability and purchase high-speed connectivity, phone, television and bundles. Acceller drives incremental revenue for its reseller partners and supports multiple channels, including e-commerce sites, storefronts, and call centers, as well as device icons for computer and consumer electronics manufacturers. The company also sells directly to consumers under the Digital Landing (http://www.digitallanding.com) consumer destination site. Learn more about Acceller at http://www.acceller.com.