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Health Check

Health Check

QlikView offers Business Intelligence (BI) software tailored to your company and your specific needs. Combined with Armanino's customization services, QlikView puts users in control, allowing you to explore your data with unprecedented freedom.

Armanino’s Business Intelligence Health Check service helps corporations identify the maturity level of their existing BI solutions and provides them with a roadmap for delivering strategic competitive advantage across the enterprise with a more widely adopted, successful BI platform.

Personal Attention to Critical Business Health Concerns
We conduct an onsite evaluation and deploy end-user surveys to determine how healthy your organization’s BI deployment is and how much preventative care is required. The QlikView Armanino BI Health Check will review your: 

  • Usage & Performance
  • QlikView Licensing
  • Current Solutions & Solution Pipeline
  • Business / End User Satisfaction
  • Data Modeling Strategy
  • Data Flow & Reload Process
  • QlikView Scripting
  • Solution Architecture & Scalability
  • Security
  • Resources, including Skills, Training, Support & Documentation

Armanino will identify any barriers to success and share with you the quick business intelligence wins you can make for your team.

Armanino’s Experienced Team Strengthens Your Solution
Created as a result of our involvement in over 100 QlikView projects with the likes of Autodesk, IDT and Haws Corporation, this deployment assessment program will help you strengthen your QlikView competency center, enabling your team to provide a best in class service for your business users.