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Lessons learned during the global economic downturn have driven manufacturing companies to operate leaner and smarter. Manufacturing companies are shifting to “demand pull” and “made to order” business models.

Market success depends on a new business agility that responds rapidly to demand changes, supply chain risks and fluctuating energy, commodity and transport costs — and enables new product innovation.

Using the QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) solution, leading manufacturing companies worldwide can:

  • Synchronize CRM, production, supply, distribution, and R&D processes for demand-driven manufacturing
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks
  • Increase effectiveness of process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, Lean, Activity-Based Costing)
  • Implement real-time performance management across business functions

Project Snapshot
Haws Corporation is a privately held provider of award-winning drinking fountains, electronic water coolers, hydration stations, and emergency equipment. With global manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, Switzerland and Brazil, Haws deployed Microsoft Dynamics AX to handle multiple international legal entities and financial, distribution and manufacturing processes. After attempting to leverage a business intelligence system for two years, Haws turned to Armanino for its QlikView Business Discovery solution.

Armanino evaluated Haws’ existing business intelligence environment and created QlikView proof-of-concept dashboards with the company’s own data within days. Amazed with the rapid configuration and the results of the QlikView solution, Haws selected Armanino as its business intelligence provider and we have completed three dashboards for sales, finance and operations.

Armanino’s QlikView manufacturing clients include Enphase Energy, Haws Corporation, Reliance Steel and Aluminum, and IDT.